Saturday, May 29, 2010

Operation © Big Surprise!

I bet there are a number of you who have been following Babe's Operation © Big Surprise Clues for quite some time now.

It's actually a surprise triggered by yours truly (aih tak tau malu :P) thanks to blog hopping and reading entries of couples who are dealing with LDR as well.

So yeah, there you go. But being the super irritating gf as I am, Babe tolerated me although he has done a lot for me but there is no such thing as enough especially when you're so far apart from each other in my opinion.

We talk on Skype everyday, he called me from Skype once in a while, we correspond mails through snail mail, I send him SMS daily...still, I am GREEDY. It's never gonna be enough for me.

After being with him for more than 6 years, I'm glad we have grown more mature to accept the fact that these are just part of our lives. The momentary separation will eventually lead to a blissful ending.

To cut the long story short, Babe came up with this Operation © Big Surprise Clues that are supposed to lead me to my ultimate surprise.

Actually, the clues were supposed to last until the day he gets back here (ie: July) before I get to find out exactly what it is.

I must admit, he's getting better at surprising me. I remember how I will always ruin his surprises because he will always give me hints whenever I start bugging him.

And i can always guess his surprises once the hints are given! HAHAHAHA.

But this one should actually be an easy one. I think I got so worked up on it that I missed the obvious parts until my sister told me.

Damn, I shouldn't have asked her lor if I knew she's that good in guessing what the surprise is hahaha.

So I began to receive my surprise mails in April and haven't finished sorting it out yet. I already told Babe I knew what the surprise is although not fully but I can guess it already because of my itchy hands!

A very big turn off indeed. He asked me not to open the last mail he sent me until yesterday but I happily went to open it as soon as I saw a mail from him which reached me last week.

Totally forgotten what he told me because I was too excited! :P Sorry bb. Hehe.

In the midst of sorting.

But fret not, I'll only complete the puzzle when Babe comes back. :P

Of course I'll be arranging most of them by myself first and we'll do the last few pieces together. :)

Will update more on Operation © Big Surprise soon! :) Not really in the mood of writing now.



ohmywtf said...

aiyo..long time i never get any surprise so :-P

kenwooi said...

that's really sweet of him =)

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