Saturday, May 1, 2010

On My Last Day of Exams

Finally I have finished my exams for the semester!
This means that I have another 2 semesters to go before wrapping up my 4 year engineering degree! :D
I'm gonna trust what my senior told me, that 4th year will pass really quick as it's gonna be the toughest year so I'll look forward to that (the year, not the hectic schedule)!

I have soooo much to blog about so I'm gonna start with the most recent one before I forget.

So I had my last paper yesterday in the main hall as usual, accompanied by a few other schools/courses/years who were having their finals at the same location as well.
As usual, all of us were seated at our designated seats and waited for the clock to strike 0900 which was when our paper should officially start.
After a few minutes of normal procedure of briefing us about the do's and don'ts in the exam hall, we were finally allowed to start the paper.

Then came in 2 girls who were late, and they sat at the 2 empty seats right beside me.
Suddenly, a loud noise came through the speaker instructed us that we were not allowed to start our papers until it was announced.
Apparently that loud irritating voice came from a lecturer who was sitting on the stage which was less than 10 feet away from where I was seated.
All of us looked at each other thinking "wth, the head lecturer already said we can start and now he's saying we're not allowed to start??"
After a few seconds, the head lecturer (who happened to be my course lecturer) turned to the irritating guy and told him that she has already told us (the students in the hall) to start.
And then he apologized immediately and everybody continued where they got interrupted.

A few milliseconds after he apologized, he suddenly talked through the mic informing his students (who were sitting beside my row) that they were supposed to answer this question this way and that question that way.
Basically guiding them or probably treating them as if they're too stupid to read the instructions themselves (unless the irritating lecturer didn't know how to state the instructions clearly on the examination paper).
And as if once on the stage was not enough, he had to come down to the floor and started shouting (YES, SHOUTING) and asking if his students understood what he mentioned on the stage earlier.
I got so irritated because he not only did it once, he did it soooooo many times that I actually lost count.

Mind you @$#&$*%(^ (the irritating lecturer), the hall was then occupied by OTHER students who were having exams as well and not only YOUR students.
Heck, I doubt if his students actually wanted to hear what he had to say because he was basically repeating the same thing over.
It was so darn irritating that I had to close my ears everytime he SHOUTED because I already couldn't really answer my questions and he had to disturb me from searching through the info I had in my brain.

What's worse, as if talking to himself wasn't enough, he had to talk on the phone and to other lecturer with that same level of voice.
I can't believe the institution actually allows such lecturers (also known as Dr. although I seriously think a lot of other lecturers do not even deserve the students to call them with that title as well) to be teaching the students. Poor students.

You might be wondering why nobody stopped him.
According to a friend, another lecturer just smirked at him and ignored him totally.
What a great group of staffs.

As if one irritating lecturer wasn't enough, my nose suddenly felt funny.
A weird scent which was interpreted by my tiny brain as either strawberry, blackberry, blueberry or whatever possible berry that can be used in producing scents, brushed through my face and I almost puked.
Then I knew somebody (I was pretty sure it came from one of the two girls who came in late) was on a perfume-spraying spree.
For all my life, one of the few scents that I can't tolerate is ALL SCENTS THAT ARE HIGHLY CONCENTRATED or applied with high dose.
Yes, I hate perfumes. Deodorants are okay because their scents don't last as long as perfume does (probably because deodorants aren't meant for everybody to sniff on) whilst some people wear perfume on a heavy dosage daily.

MY GAWWWD. Can you imagine I had to breathe in that make-me-wanna-puke-all-my-breakfast-out scent throughout the 3 hours of my paper??
It was so darn annoying because I had to try to cover my nose with my sweater on one hand (else I'll seriously faint) while try to write with another.
I don't know whether she knew she was so smelly (to me obviously is smelly but to her, god knows) and to be in air conditioned room with that kind of smell..I knew my brain was already half cooked in the hall.

I can tell you for sure that I wasn't the only one who got distracted by the irritating lecturer and the strong perfume smell.

So that explains how I finished my last paper of the sem. BRAVO!


crazywrazy said...

Poor thing. You should spray shieldtox at the lecturer then :P

CL said...

Yeah man..if only I had shieldtox with me then!! :(

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