Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Hammer!

WARNING: This entry has lots of vain pics. Be prepared or be square. Erm. Nvm.

I bought myself a pair of new spectacles!

Whee!~ This is not the just-for-fun spectacles like most people are wearing these days ok!
I really wear spectacles in classes, while staring at my lappie and the idiot box, and driving too!
It's just that I try to not wear it as often as others because I saw for myself how the size of my friends' eyes changed due to the long term of wearing specs!

I have always been known as the girl with goldfish eyes since small and I really take that as a compliment! :D
But despite that, I failed to take care of my eyes and I feel the utmost guilt about it.

Since I can't afford to laser my eyes now (not that I dare to even do it if I could afford it), so I'll just pamper the windows to my heart by giving them a fine-looking pair of specs!

Introducing to you all for the first time ever,

My Hammerrrrrrrrrrrr!

I finally got rid of my old specs!
Forgot to take a pic of my old specs which has served me for almost a decade. Haih so disloyal.
Will post it up soon, not that it's nice also la. Just the typical frameless specs and senget some more.
Must try to be gaya (chio) a bit now since everyone is so into dark-framed specs. :P

I didn't choose Hammer on purpose.
In fact, I know nothing about spectacles brands because I don't really care as long as I like how I look with the specs.
But of course something that is within my budget also la since this time no sponsor anymore :(. Can't afford the Calvin Klein and specs of that sorts!

Anyway, all I did was went into the optical shop and let my mom be my opinionator or whatever you call it.
But that sales girl is quite skillful I must say, keep pushing the branded ones to me and I obviously have to choose one of those since there were too many choices and my mom and I already set our eyes on this.
Or maybe it was just my mom. I wanted the black frame one!

The case is awesome. See the detail of the fabric on the casing?

It didn't feel right at all the first time I put it on (after it has become mine that is) because I was so used to wearing frameless that when I wore Hammer, it felt as though either my face has become wider than it already is or my eyes become smaller or etc.
More specifically, my eyes feel like they are restrained now for some reasons. :S
Or maybe I'm just exaggerating. :P

So after that I immediately drove back to my house, eh no, drove to the clinic to see the doctor with the help of my Hammer and I feel a tad more comfortable then.
Comfortable with Hammer, not my illnesses. I was still sick then.

So anyway I guess that's all about my introduction to Hammer and I hope you all think it looks good on me.
Erm actually look ugly also nothing I can do about it because I'm dead broke now :/
Some more internship salary is only Rm500 a month. Sigh.

So, how do you like my Hammer??

Or is Hammer a bummer?

ps: Oh and the sales girl told me that this brand is endorsed by Bosco Wong. I don't really like him but nevermind la since he's kinda cute heeeeeeeee. :)



kenwooi said...

looking nice =)

greenteacarm said...

cuteee :P

Augustine said...

hey very nice =D

CL said...

Thank you all! :)

jfook said...

Nice specs. :P

JenKin Yat said...

a whore! >.< a sexy one =P

CL said...

jfook: Thanks! :)

JenKin Yat: Haha..what to do. Camwhoring blood is in me already. :P You need some blood transfusion? :P

yxuan said...

i like d side pattern...

Kokd said...

I like the girl :)

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