Saturday, May 8, 2010

My First Internship Experience (Week 1)

Finally the Friday I anticipated the most!

I've been so tired right after working everyday and to update my blog daily is definitely impossible right now.

Internship has taken its toll on me even only after a week and I'm imagining the worst for the next 12 weeks!

Heck, I already have a presentation scheduled next Friday and I'm still doing nothing about it!

But working in the industry gave me a different view of the type of life I'll be leading in the near future. Hopefully better but there's a start to everything.

At least now I know what an engineer does in his/her daily working life and from the way I see it, it really needs a lot of effort and willingness to sacrifice. Sigh..what doesn't, right?

Well another good thing about my internship thus far is that the people there are kinda friendly! But I have to try to know all of them first I guess...the bad thing is that Mandarin plays a big role in my office.

So if you don't know Mandarin, you're probably inviting trouble to yourself unless you are totally 'banana' because if you're like me (being average in both English and Mandarin), you'll have a hard time trying to understand their Mandarin (because they speak too fast) and they'll have a hard time trying to explain to you in full English.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying their English is poor. I guess it's just that most of them are used to either communicating in Cantonese or Mandarin and when it comes to English, it's a bit unusual.

Having said that, if you're a full/riped 'banana', they'll eventually speak to you in English because they know you totally don't understand other languages (exclusive of dialects).

And I'm always in trouble because despite being average in Mandarin, I will always try to talk to my colleagues/supervisor in Mandarin because that's the only way I can improve my Chinese. So obviously I'll be replied in Mandarin. That's when my forehead get more wrinkles everyday because I can't catch up with their speed while conversing in Mandarin!

Communication aside, I was blessed to have a great friends from uni to accompany me in the new working environment. Although I know it'll make me more dependent on them because I'll probably have no friends in the beginning when it comes to actual working life instead of interning.

Oh well, I better get started with my presentation. Wouldn't wanna get embarrassed in front of the senior engineers and risk myself of getting an overnight 'stardom'.



yxuan said...

i m in d same condition wit office ppl speak hokkien or english, sometimes in mandarin lar...but their conversation mostly is in hokkien, and sometimes after a long talk, i juz managed to catch few words...haha x.x

CL said...

Haha,,it's ok. I'll teach u Hokkien from time to time ok or you can ask me anytime! hehehe

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