Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home Is Love

I'm back at home!
Actually I was already home on Thursday and guess what, my internship is gonna start this Tuesday!
I'm actually excited and nervous at the same time because this is going to be my first time interning and to be doing something that I've only studied for 3 years, I hope it'll be a pleasant experience.

I had a hard time packing my stuff in my hostel room after my last paper because it didn't cross my mind that I have so many gadgets:

Looking at those wires really turned me off because I just had no idea where I should put them!
I wouldn't want them to be tangled up because I just can't take such mess..
Well it might look easy to just dump everything in one bag but that's just not the way I do things!!
What's worse, that's only part of the wires I have in my hostel room! There's more but it's not in the photo. :P

My study desk:

Looks pretty sad, right?

Anyway, good things were all waiting for me when I reached home! :D
My mom and sis decided to dine at the nearest Pizza Hut for dinner!
Man, I've been good food deprived for 2 whole weeks!

Sis making some serious decision. Haha.

Appetizer: The mushroom soup!

Garlic bread

We ordered the Deli wings! And that's my sister being a chicken wing monster.

My dearest mum and I, while waiting for the pizza!

Finally, the main dish is served!

This is Hawaiian Supreme Lava Crust. (I think because I didn't really bother to remember the names as Pizza is everywhere over Malaysia)

This is....Pepperoni Delight?


My sister's artistic macro shot of the lava crust. (....)


And below are some narcissistic shots that you might or might not wanna see! :P

Guess what came to me in the mailbox after my exams! :D

Yesh! My long awaited Nuffnang cheque has finally arrived!
Blanko-ed it because the amount is for me to know and for you to find out! :P

I even spent some time doing one of my favorite pastimes, SHOPPING with my sis! :D
I only shop during sales season and it's Labour's Day so why not pamper myself after almost a month of mind-draining studying and exams right!!

Will update soon on the 'photography session' we had after our Pizza dinner. Kinda scary! :D

Signing off,



jfook said...

Your mum so cute..

PixieFaerie said...

i like ur heels! :D

JenKin Yat said...

horrr someone kaya dy..must belanja yamcha when come down KL :P

CL said...

jfook: Haha..yes she is! :)

Pixiefaerie: I bought it from Walk In at Queens! But I don't like their service though. :(

Jenkin Yat: r the one who should be treating no since you more kaya? :P

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