Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! (Photography Session)

Remember this post I wrote about the dinner I had right after my exams?
Heeee...and I mentioned about the photography session we had after that?
This is it!

It's a lil' bit retarded because we got high after eating pizza.
Nonetheless, it's not everyday we get to be together in such a good mood to have this so-called 'photography session' because both mom and sis are working women and I took this opportunity to make use of my Red Devil! :)

Since it's Mother's Day today, I'm gonna kick things off with the picture I took with my mummy love <3!

The treasure of my life.

Followed by some random shots my mom took of my sis and I but I think her (mummy's) intention was to take the house instead of us!
That's why you can see that most of the pics are taken together with the couch and the walls and the mess and what not!

And again, my silly faces never fail me. =.="

Then my sis took over the camera and started directing us on how to pose for the following photos:

Apparently I was supposed to pretend like my sis was focusing on me but my mom was in the pic as well without my knowledge.
Or something like that...hmmm. :S

HAHAHAHHA. I can't stop laughing every time I look back at these. No wonder my mom is such love!! :D

We all know that Mother's Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May and if everyday can be Valentine's Day, then there's no reason why everyday can't be Mother's Day as well, right?

I'm sure all of us know that we shouldn't take our mothers for granted but mothers are the weirdest being on earth I can tell you.
No matter how stubborn/naughty/disobedient etc. you are, mothers are always the most forgiving people on earth.

This is part of the reasons why I love my mother.
I might be the most stubborn/naughty and blablabla in the family, but she'll never get mad at me.
She never beats me although she did pinch me whenever I kept bugging her in the shopping centre when she didn't want to buy me the doll I wanted so badly just to shut me up. :P
Of course, that was when I was still very young. :D

My mom is a workaholic and I think I got that trait from her.
Not to praise myself, but if you know me well, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Despite the fact that she's always busy with her work, she'll always spare time for the family.
She never lets us do heavy chores because in every mother's eyes, their children are still babies.
But then she'll nag you another day saying you don't help out in house chores!!
That's why mothers are weird!!

But it's ok.
It's not like we don't understand why our mothers act that way.
And since today is specially dedicated to all mothers in the world, here's to my mom (although she'll never read this in a million years):


I'm really glad to have you as my mom and remember that


and the best pic of the day would be:


ps: Remember to treat your mother right because she's the only person on earth who truly accepts you for who you are!



XhInE said...

ur mum very cute =)
nice one~
and oh..i like ur curtain very much la... hahaha~

CL said...

Hey thanks!! When you wanna come visit huh??!! Oh btw, I've got your mails! When free wanna drop by??

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