Friday, May 28, 2010

For The Past Two Weeks

I’m finally back on track again!

Ok la maybe not on track (yet) because actually before my exam ended, I secretly told myself that if I wanna earn more from Nuffnang, I should blog as often as I could. Correction: Daily.

But that was because I didn’t know my internship will occupy so much of my time which is causing me to be ill for weeks!

Yesh..I’ve been sick since last 2 weeks.

It all started a day after I had dinner with my friends at Crepe Cottage.

Who would have thought a serving of crepe with ice cream can cause sore throat and cough like I had?

Sigh..I know I’ve always been really weak in terms of health but little did I know that my body can’t take such food and I was down for a week due to that alone.

So I went to the doctor on Thursday after much hesitation and got myself an MC for Friday.

It wasn’t that bad yet because I was only coughing (although it was really severe) and all but there wasn’t any headache or nausea involved.

So I was practically (almost) like usual except that I had to refrain myself from having food outside. SIGH.

Anyway, my cough didn’t get any better on the following week (this week) after finishing almost 2 bottles of the cough syrup the doctor gave me.

Oh just in case you’re wondering, I went to the company’s clinic on last Tuesday and was given 2 small bottles of cough syrup by the nurse. No doctor available at that time.

However, I got much worse and decided to go to the company’s panel clinic on Thursday and the doctor gave me another big bottle of cough syrup.

It’s the same medicine because both clinics are from the same company.

So that’s why I didn’t get any better.

And if you’re wondering also why I went to the same clinic since I will be getting the same medicine again, that’s because I could only remember that particular clinic in my company’s list of panels.

In other words, I screw up la for not bringing/remembering other clinics in the list.

So my cough eventually got better (somehow since I stopped taking the medicine) and then came my severe headache.

It was on Tuesday when I had this headache and my supervisor took me to the company’s clinic.

Knowing that they give lousy medicine (as said so by other colleagues as well), I took two pills on the spot as asked by the nurse (yes, no doctor at this time again FML) and didn’t wanna consume it anymore the next day.

As expected my headache got worse and I vomited twice on the following day (Wednesday) and thrice on Thursday.

Everybody wondered why I got so weak and vomited so many times.

A few of them suspected it was morning sickness but like wth?! Ridiculous crap.


I know my uni friends (in the same company) know me well enough but there are some other colleagues who just wanna get on my nerves.

So anyway yesterday when I vomited 3 times, it was really too much for me to handle because I could feel the pain so much that I had to keep pressing or massaging my head to relieve the pain.

I couldn’t work, couldn’t talk as I used to and all I wanna do was to lie and rest on my bed for as long as I could.

But I didn’t wanna take MC again because I didn’t want people to bad mouth about me for taking MC on a Friday again since I don’t work on weekends. But of course, if I really didn’t think I can make it on the next day, I would have gone to the clinic again to get an MC.

So my mom went to the pharmacy and bought some more medicine.

By now, can you imagine how many types of medicine I have been consuming for the past 2 weeks alone?

From antibiotics, to cough syrup, medicine for flu, lozenges for sore throat , 3 different types of tablets for headache and vomiting. GREAT.

I’m just so thankful I’m still breathing now.

Today, I got much better already because I realized a trick to solve my illnesses.

It’s my BRAIN! *yay nonsense*

I found out that the crepes probably caused the cough and sore throat but the headache and vomiting were all in my head, as in it was because of work pressure.

Being a newbie in this working field, I realized I have been giving myself a lot of pressure just to be able to perform better.

But ironically, all this wanting to perform and fit in had taken its toll on me.

So I took some time to talk to myself before I slept last night that I must get well no matter what because if this pursues, I’m gonna bring so much trouble not only to myself, but to my supervisor and colleagues as well.

And WALA! I still have a very minor headache today but no vomiting at all today! YAYY!

I was so elated despite having to eat only bread as my meals today. :(

Thou shall not be worried because tomorrow I’m gonna chill! Haha. Nah, we’ll see.

Just in case if you’re still reading until now, BRAVO! For bearing with my horrible English and boring entry..

Anyway, I just wanna say thank you to everyone who cared for me especially my mom and my uni mates who have been worrying when I was ill. I’m really grateful to have you all by my side. :)

Oh before I forget, after I first vomited (on Wednesday), I received an SMS (about the time when I was vomiting) by Babe saying this:

Bb, how are you today? Suddenly so worried about you. Miss u bb.

I swear I didn’t tell him anything about me being ill except for the cough which already gotten better at that time! I couldn’t help but to smile although my head was aching like mad. And he seldom SMS me from Aussie which made it even better! :D

Then today, when I’m already feeling much better with no vomiting at all and very minor headache, Babe sent me an SMS telling me he won first prize in an essay competition! I couldn’t be HAPPIER!! Congrats, DEAR!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOUUUUUUUUUUU!



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yxuan said...

dun know that ur sick is so severe... it is juz training, as my supervisor said, juz enjoy it! and it is only pass or fail ma, so no nid to giv urself so much pressure lar...=P

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