Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cousin's Belated Birthday Dinner At Sakae Sushi

After weeks of depriving myself from good food, finally I went out with my sister and my cousin, Nicholas to celebrate his birthday which fell on the 23rd!

We went to Sakae Sushi in Queensbay to have a simple birthday dinner with the guy whom I trust the most in my entire uni life!
Nicholas has always been the one who exposes me to various types of food that Nibong Tebal has to offer!
So that also pretty much explains why I'm interested in scouting for food everywhere I go.
It runs in the blood you see.

It's not just the food that I'm thankful for, but it's the company and the feeling of having a family in a place where you spend most of your time in since I only go back home on the weekends.
Throughout the 3 years of my uni life thus far, he has given me a lot of invaluable advices and widened my network of friends.
He is simply awesome beyond words can describe.

So anyway, picture time!

I kinda like the lighting in Sakae Sushi. Don't you think it's much better than Sushi King??
But I'm only interested in the looks though because Sakae Sushi was playing some kiddy songs (eg: Doraemon) while we were feasting and it was rather noisy and disturbing.

I didn't know that the green tea has roasted rice in it! Very fragrant indeed. Reminds me of the tea my roomie bought me from Cameron Highland!

Sis giving placing orders.

The birthday boy!

The service was kinda good. The food was served pretty fast after we confirmed our orders.

WARNING: You might need to prepare a tissue with you before continue reading just in case you salivate.

This is Ikura Chawanmushi. A MUST TRY! The salmon roe is simply out of this world.
Or maybe because it was the first time I tried salmon roe. Hehe.
But the amount of salmon roe shown in the menu is REALLY for illustration purposes only if you get what I mean. =.="

This, if I'm not mistaken is the Sakae Chawanmushi. Nicholas ordered this!

This is Salmon Mentai. Don't quite remember how it tasted like. Probably quite typical.

This is Teriyaki Chicken Don. Which I can't eat because my cough hasn't totally gone yet. :(

I can never fail to order the unagi sushi or meal whenever I visit any sushi outlets.
This is Unatama Don. Simply delicious!!!!!!!

Same goes to my sister. We both have a thang for unagi.
She ordered Unagi Kamameshi.

I just have to stop her from enjoying her food with my photography fetish. :P
But I guess she enjoys it too. Hahaha.

My cousin! Hope you enjoyed the dinner! :)

I wonder why I was rather uptight that evening. Should have done more poses. :S


See what I mean when I say she enjoys the attention? haha. Kidding.
This is the after picture. Hence the I-want-more-unagi look. :P

This is called....Salmon Karaage I think. Salmon is my 2nd love after unagi!

Finally able to smile after weeks of not getting good food like this!
This is actually my first attempt of tying my hair all up like this ever since god knows when.

Satisfied customers!

An obligatory picture to end a blog entry which I'm totally happy to write again anytime! :P

Last but not least,


I hope you will have a wonderful time from August onwards in the States and we'll miss you!
I will definitely miss having you around in campus. T__T
Thanks for everything and all the best to you!


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