Sunday, May 16, 2010

CLEO's Freebies This Month!

Look what I've gotten to pamper myself! Hehehe.
I've always loved reading CLEO because it's affordable and it provides a lot of useful tips for girls like me which I thought are really great without having to splurge.

As usual, CLEO always gives out freebies to its readers which is also a great move to lure more readers!
So anyway, what's the big deal about getting a copy of CLEO for this month, you ask?

With every copy of CLEO this month, you do not only get a Neutrogena Hydra Boost mask,

you even get a Fine Fairness mask! Whee!~
Life is always good when you can get something so precious for your skin for free! :)

So, I decided to try this out last weekend since I've never been a Neutrogena mask user (I normally go with the Garnier mask which works really well in my opinion).

This is how it looks like. There are actually 14k micro-holes on the mask.

Of course, the post wouldn't be complete without my face with the mask!

Haha. I hope I made your day by scaring you off.

Oh and look what I found at the Crepes Cottage yesterday while hanging out with my friends:

Looks familiar?

It's CLEO's magazine in Oct 1999! That was when I was still in the elementary school!
Wow they have come a long way!

ps: After using the mask, I still don't feel much different. Or probably I need 20k holes to get rid of the nasty things on my skin! :(

Well, time to hit the sack now.

So long another beautiful weekend,


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