Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Really Don't Wanna Read This.

I typed this on my iPod earlier and can't find any wireless to update my blog.

So I just finished one paper in the evening and as of writing this, it's already almost midnight.
I'm still wide awake because I can't seem to get over what happened to me in the exam hall earlier.
Well, nothing physical but I think I did badly in my first paper which I thought wasn't a good start to this exam period at all.
There's no one to blame but myself.
Whenever my friends asked me how I did for my paper, all I told them was I didn't have enough time to solve all the questions and that the questions given are not easy.
Blame it all on the questions and time.
When I should actually manage my time better than what I did in the hall.
I'm beginning to think that taking 2 electives at one time is taking its toll on me.
It is too late already anyway.
I don't hope to just pass every time I do my exam papers, in fact I really wanna ace all of them.
But I guess there are times when I feel like I haven't been putting effort onto my subjects so I really thought I deserved the grades I got.

This rant is actually for me to voice out how I did my paper earlier in this afternoon.
It was frustrating to see I left so many blanks and this stupid song kept playing in my head: "Happy" by Leona Lewis.
I know, like wtf???
I wasn't even happy at all to say the least.
More like nervous and filled with anxiety and what not.

Sigh...I don't even know why I'm writing this now when all I should be doing is revising on my upcoming papers.


On a side note, to that particular someone...

Dammit, can you please stop kicking the desks or your chair and slamming your closet so damn hard?
Have you got no idea that our desks are connected and whatever you do to your desk will affect mine too?
I've warned you and told you about the kicking and you just don't get it, do you?
And do you not know what common courtesy is?
Geez, I don't know, maybe words like "Thank you" and "Sorry" ring a bell to you?

It was bad enough that last year I had to suffer from your "raining" clothes (oh I forgot, it was undergarments) and this year I have to face you??!

We all know that you're one iron lady who doesn't need a lot of sleep to get things kicking but for goodness sake, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE HAVING EXAM ALRIGHT?

When the person nearest to you has already slept, can't you just off the lights so that she could sleep better?
Unless you haven't noticed for after say, 4 months to say the least??

Oh I almost forgot, kicking our slippers?? Seriously??
Have you got no manners??
I don't care if you like to swing YOUR slippers everywhere before you come in but kicking others' slippers till they're flying everywhere and not putting them back together while you swing yours?

Life was so much better when you were not around.


I don't normally rant like this because I don't want this to spread.
But I've had enough of these things that she's doing and I don't really care if she reads this or her friends might tell her about these because we're not even on a talking basis.

I'll understand if I have less readers after this but I guess it's time for me to say it out here.
And no, she NEVER SAYS THANK YOU OR SORRY (not that I've heard it before that is).


XhInE said...

Dear CL, (^.^) dun be sad for wat u did not finish, be glad for you hv completed another paper...
be confident~ im sure ur family, kok and ME have faith in u (^.^)

adrienne said...

All the best, Chia Li. Hopefully things will be better very very soon! My first paper (and last) is always my worst, especially when I have them back to back.

Good luck! And to the inconsiderate friend of yours, she should take up a course on basic courtesy.

CL said...

Xhine: Haha, no worries. I'm alright already, Just wanted to rant, :) Thanks!

Adrienne: Thanks, Adrienne! At least you're now officially a graduate so it means you did well in your papers! haha. Take care!

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