Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine

I know this entry is wayyyy off its date but it doesn't matter right! After all good things are meant to be shared!! :)

So as we all know, this year's VDay fell on the same day as the 1st day of CNY!
I remember it was so hot that day and I was sweating so much when I left home to visit relatives who are staying just 5mins drive from my home..imagine that!

But anyhow, we managed to spend some time together later that night and sadly, there's not much place in Penang that opens at night except for the makan places..
Guess where we went to!

Hint: It's a very colorful place that has discounts only on the 31st of every month!


I know I sound very lame...but just let me be la the excitement is already gone if only I was more hardworking 1 month back wtf

No pics of the shop front because BB (iPhone) is hopeless in low light environment. =.=

We went to the branch in Pulau Tikus and *gasps* why so many people actually like to eat ice cream on the first day of CNY!
So as you can see, we were spoilt with choices and had to quickly make up our mind because we need to rush to the cinema! :))


I don't know why but probably because it was a public holiday and with such weather, everyone wants a piece of Baskin-Robbins!

Still trying to figure out what we want because they were running out of everything!
I mean it!

This girl who served us has got to be a new trainee.
I'm not trying to be bias but whenever we ordered something, she will ask another girl/lady or somewhere in between if it's still available.

That's not the major problem yet, so finally we ordered the Brownie ala Mode sundae and it was available, so yay! After so many choices that were turned down.
So nevermind, we waited for her to prepare the ice cream.
Then she started asking the lady earlier what she should put first into the pint (geez, I don't know, ice cream maybe??)

So again, maybe she was very very new and I think it's forgivable.
But at this time, the queue was getting longer already.

So let's just see what we initially ordered:

And this was what she presented to us:


Presenting to you, Brownies ala Mode sundae from Baskin-Robbins in Pulau Tikus.

Don't get me wrong, maybe Baskin-Robbins' sundaes are really different from the illustration.

Anyway, we were still delighted because after all ice creams were meant to be enjoyed with a happy mood.
So, here's our happy faces! =.=

Babe looking blurred.

Okie maybe more like my unprepared face.

But my photo ready pics are all ugly. So maybe I should always go for candid instead or maybe I'm just ugly like that huhuhu

And here's my favorite Valentine picture of all:

*Love is in the air~*

After that, we headed down (or up whichever you prefer) to Queensbay to watch "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" with my bro and his gf, Connie and my sis as well!
My bro treated all of us, so yay! I mean well, I only get to see him like twice a year? Or maybe once?
Have to google the movie title because I forgot the title la..why am I so forgetful these days T____T


Even the cinema was crowded =.=

And look who's happy! :)

Overall, it was a good movie and I kinda like it although Babe was practically telling me the whole Greek history throughout the movie because I think he has the whole Greek dictionary installed in his brain somewhere. Haha.

But the best part of the day was: I finally got to spend Valentine's Day again with Babe. Although it was only for a few hours, but then again, I think Valentine's Day is a lil' too overrated. Wait, did I actually say that??!

Thank you Bb and you know I love you! :*


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