Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vday Retreat!

It's was Valentine's Day!
This year is really special for both of us because we finally got to celebrate it together!

I guess I was the one who came up with the photoshoot idea thinking that since both of us like photography but none of us actually got any proper couple photoshoot before.
Hahha, I actually have one studio shoot when I was 18 I think but it was horrible. Like, really.
Well we'll just leave that for another day shall we.

Attempting lomo.

Anyway, Babe was really sweet to make my idea came true!
With the help of his high school mate, Waikin, we went to Botanical Garden on a bright and sunny Friday morning.
It was only 10 something but I could already feel the sun burning my skin!

It didn't take long for us to find some good spots but by the time we took our first shot, I was already sweating like crazy.
It was really weird, the feeling of being photographed this way because I have never done such photoshoot before let alone with a guy as my partner!
Luckily he's the guy I've been together for 6 years so that actually made things a lot easier for us! Hehe.

Photos: Waikin Cheang
Models: Kokd & Clconquers
Dress and Makeup: Stylist's own
Props: Flowers from bloodsucking florist who bloodsucked my babe because it was almost V'Day!
Camera Models: Canon EOS 450D and Nikon (not sure which model)

I have always wanted to do that hahahahah like some magazine spread wtf!

I'll just let the photos do the talking from here onwards! :)

It's been a great 6 years so far. Looking forward to the coming years!
Will blog about how we spent our V Day in the coming post!

Disclaimer: Pics are edited by yours truly except those without the watermark.

Special thanks to Waikin!

Which is your favorite?


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kenwooi said...

and now only you're blogging about it.. haha.. nice anyway =)

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