Friday, April 30, 2010

This Is Not Good.

Holy crap.

Siobhan Magnus got eliminated.

Sigh...I'm feeling rather disappointed now.

I watched her performing one of Shania Twain's famous country hits, "Any Man of Mine".

I thought it was really superb although I've never heard Shania Twain's version before but I liked how she (Siobhan) delivered it yesterday!

What's worse was that she was never in the bottom 3 at all!

I'm really speechless now. I really thought of seeing her more in this competition and now the only girl left is Crystal Bowersox.

I was so looking forward to seeing somebody as unique as Siobhan to win American Idol but I guess she ran out of luck.

Oh and I realised I actually didn't want Michael Lynche to win AI at all. He lost his charm already. Bleh.

I really hate how the judges try to make the audience think that Siobhan's safe by giving her good comments and probably her fans (that are eligible for voting) really thought that as well.

And to have peeps like Lee DeWyze, Casey James and Aaron Kelly is just like having Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre and Kris Allen back on the show again.

I can actually compare each of the Top 5 left in the show with the finalists from the previous seasons but I think I'm just wasting my time so....

Bye, Siobhan. You'll be missed.


2 comments: said...

that's life... not everything that we like will be appreciated by others....

nanged u. nang this ,Sexy girl murdered children' future.

CL said...

agreed..nanged! :) thanks for nanging my post! :)

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