Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Devil

I guess some of you are probably thinking that I'm taking this I-finally-own-a-compact-camera excitement a tad too over the top but I'm really excited to own one okay!!
I mean I've been wanting a camera to vain snap nice pics or anything that I feel like snapping without having to worry that the camera belongs to others and when I can get the photos from the owner yada yada yada.

You have got to bear with me just a little while okay! *grins*
So I asked in my previous post which IXUS 100IS color I got for myself.
Did you guess it correctly?
Oh well...I wouldn't really know because nobody bothers to leave me a comment except for YM! Huhuhu :(

Anyway, thanks YM and YOU GOT IT RIGHT! I got the RED one! :DD
Wah so glad a friend knows me so well that she even knows I'd buy which color! Hahah.

Honestly, I didn't wanna buy IXUS 100IS initially because the RRP on the Canon website was written RM999.00.
My hopes were shattered seeing the figures because I can't possibly be spending almost 1k on a compact camera without any proper income.

So when I went to PC Fair last Friday with my cousin, Nicholas, to my surprise, it was sold at RM899!
But no, that was way off my budget too considering that I planned to get the new IXUS 105 which was just released last month (I think) at RM799.

So I went on Saturday with my cousin again to negotiate a better price for both models but the lowest they could give me were RM780 and RM880 for IXUS 105 and 100IS respectively.

So I sort of settled my mind on the 105 as I wasn't willing to spend another RM100 because I'm a cheapskate. :P
BUTTTTT, a major BUTTTTT I came across another booth which offered me a great price for IXUS 100IS and I was sold right on the spot!
The total amount I spent? RM700! :D

Fine fine I didn't buy it at RM700 but the remaining was sponsored by my bro and a little portion from my Nuffnang earnings.

But I have this mission which I don't think is impossible: To make my IXUS 100IS totally free with my future Nuffnang earnings! about the future. =.=
Sigh at least if it can make me feel better then why not right!! :)
But at the same time I need you guys to click on the advertisements that appear in my blog so that I can earn more that way and you can too!

Anyway before I end this entry, I'm gonna share another function my Red Devil (ooh yes that's the name of my camera because I'm an avid fan of Man U in the heart :P) has.
Take a look at the self shot pic below:

It was taken with the portrait function and notice how it gives my skin the soft effect?

This Red Devil is totally a must love!!!!

Finally a last pic to show you guys how much I love my Red Devil:

So much I can even lick it!

Hahaah. That's just pathetic but I still think I look so much better while doing stupid faces. T__T

ps: The functions that I share so far about my Red Devil are the differences it has as compared to the IXUS 105. Do correct me if I'm wrong. :)

pps: Credits to the respective websites for the pics I googled!


kenwooi said...

some of my friends have that camera too =)

yokeMun said...

lol...see...i understand u so welllll!!ahha
well, the silver is too common, n u don't seem like a 'black' type to me..
so i guessed RED!!
ooo i thought tht camera gonna cos over 1k..
i wan 1 too!!!sigh..sud hv went to the pc fair here in kl...
arghh i wan!!!!

CL said...

kenwooi: It's a great cam! :)

YM: still got pc fair in KL wat right this weekend?? But maybe u can save more and get a DSLR instead! I know how it feels like to be borrowing ppl's camera T.T

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