Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just Something Thing In Between

Finally finished another paper today.
Only did 40% of my exams and the remaining 60% will be so tough that I'm planning not to leave my room except when nature calls.
Haha just kidding.

I didn't really wanna blog today so I'm gonna bribe you all with my picture overloaded entry!
Here it goes!

My work station. Okie looks more like an entertainment station. =.=

My attire that didn't bring me luck on the first day of exam wtf.
Should have brought Spongie along. Maybe that'll change my luck. :(

Me shoes! :)

Taking a break from what seems like a never ending journey.

Forced myself to smile! =.="

A random creature that paid me a visit while I was revising.
Pardon me for my artistic looking writing. Hahah.

Brainfood. :D

On a cloudy day using Programme Mode with white balance for cloudy days?
Not really sure how to describe it but that's just what it is.

This pula is taken with auto white balance.
Which one do you prefer?
I like the first one though. :)

Reflection of the window. Wtf should be studying already but attempted to take pictures of the lightning but to no avail. :(

And I waited until it rained! But still no lightning picture. Fml.

My loyal container for my exam week. Have been buying food from places thanks to my roomies so that I don't have to eat cafeteria food. T.T

My fake LeSportsac with a thread coming out =.= on my notes.

It's HJ's birthday today! Had a simple lunch at the nearby KFC.
After all, the only fast food outlets that Parit Buntar has are KFC and Pizza Hut. Sigh.

My lunch.

Trying to take a macro shot.

Trying to force my eyes to open wider because I think my eyes are getting smaller!
I really used to have big eyes when I was much younger.. T_____T
Whatever happened to my goldfish eyes.. :'(

Good skin day! Must vain more a little.

My hair is really looking awful. I need some treatment!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed my ugly pics. Haha.

Oh, oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HJ! I hope you like the gift!



Kokd said...

So cute!!! Miss all your cuteness.

kenwooi said...

pringles =D

CL said...

Kokd: :P

kenwooi: Haha..brain food brain food wtf

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