Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cooking Break!

Okie more like study break.
So I have a week of study break now before my first paper on the 20th and guess what I'm doing now T.T

Since I'm still at home, so I decided to do some cooking!
Somehow I find cooking to be one of the ways to relieve my stress (crap I don't think I work hard enough to have stress also sigh).
And one of my favourite low budget dishes would be carbonara!
I know I know for those of you who have been reading since 2008, you'd probably know that I only cook carbonara and not bolognaise etc because I like mushrooms like that. :P

I don't guarantee that this is the best carbonara but I've always liked anything I cook myself.
*self praise*
So I went to buy the ingredients although I cheated on making the sauce cos I bought prego instead and here's what you need!

#1 Prego Carbonara Mushroom! <3

One can can (hahahaha I just noticed the can can but read properly ok) serve up to 3 people unless you're a big eater of your own cook then probably can serve 2 persons. :P

#2 Capsicum!
You wouldn't want you dish to be greenred-less.
Add some vege and I promise capsicum is not hot!
It's actually very nice!

#3 Vermicelli!
I like the San Remo ones probably because I got so used to it that I ignore other brands!
And please do not get the angel hair type.
I found it so hard to like my home cooked spaghetti when I used the angel hair spaghetti :S

So here's what you do to begin!

Step 1: Fill the cooking pot (or whatever you call that) with enough amount of water and my 2 cent advice: Please use a bigger pot than the one I used because I'll tell you later on...

Step 2: Slice or cut or dice the capsicum as you like.
You can put bacon or sausages or anything you like cos it doesn't really matter to me!!
Which also means, when you're broke, get capsicum and sausages (like me after buying my Ixus 100IS T___T) and when you're loaded, get the bacon! Yumss!

Do not follow Step 3: Busy taking pictures of everything else and forgot about your burning pasta.

Okie..so I screwed up. But I swear I only turned away for 2 mins tops! Okie fine maybe a lil more than that but I felt so stupid la because I should have used a bigger pot and filled it with more water.
I chose not to use the bigger pot because it was really heavy ok...

Step 4: Pour your home made sauce onto a pan and just kacau it with the fire turned on of course.
I'm not exactly sure if you can dump the rest of the ingredients together with the sauce but I pandai-pandai tabur in everything and we'll just see what I get in the end hahaha.

Another piece of advice while heating the sauce: Please pay more attention to it because after a short while, your sauce probably already got evaporated and you will end up getting a really really thick sauce which is so not enough let alone for yourself!
And that's what happened to me too.. T_____T

So anyway there's no Step 5! Because I obviously skipped don't know how many steps so that I can enjoy my meal asap. :3 My tummy was already playing orchestra because I finished cooking at 3pm I think.

No no don't get me wrong. Cooking carbonara spaghetti my way doesn't require a very long time unless you screw up like I did and having to cook it all over again.. T.T

Anyhow, this is the end product!

May I present to you home cooked carbonara ala Charlie's probably-not-the-most-hygeinic-and-safest way!

Verdict: Still very very yums! :D

Okie so maybe I cheated a little more than the steps because the end product was my dinner one instead of my 3pm lunch tea break.
But hey, I got smarter the second time around which was cooked 3 hours after I cooked the first one! I don't know why but I can get hungry so fast...
Please tell me my carbonara taste looks good wahahaha.

And if you notice in the last 2 pics, the sauce seems to be overflowing because I'm a greedy eater. :P

ps: I hope you don't try it out because it'll only work for clumsy people like me ahhahah. Just kidding.

Till then,



Kokd said...

hey bb, you are so cute!! haha.. well,the pasta turned black because u are using a gas stove. Doesnt happen to me on the electric stove where there is no fire. Probably wanna keep the fire low until all the pasta is actually in the pot! U are so gonna cook for me!

Augustine said...


at 1st i tot y the pot so small
i tot is any kitchen tips and that was ur intention..obviously not.
scroll down LOL LOL

i can cook too dun siao siao
lol pasta is not tat hard though..
try out smth nice..
uh i just flung my 1st final paper..
lol good luck to u
im going back pg real soon =) =D XD
u ? internship where ? soon also rite ..

Mel O said...

HAHAHAHA! Omg you lagi funny! I think Jane and me lost flat to you hahahaha! Your spaghetti does look good wei.. With the super banyak sauce wahhh surely nice hehe. And you damn teror (as in holiao not the scary haha) eat so much still so thin!!

CL said...

Kokd: We cook together k.. ;)

Augustine: Ooh, all the best for your upcoming papers! I'll be doing my internship with Fairchild. What about you??

Mel O: Hahah..I eat a lot and at the same time come out a lot also..hahahahah

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