Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Charlie's Angel

Dear readers,

Charlie will be having her exams until 29th of April and there will be less updates in this blog till then.
Nonetheless, she'll make sure she keeps her readers updated with short posts from time to time.
Long post needs inspiration okie... :P

Oh well, this angel will be looking after her during her examinations period.
She'll follow her to the exam hall and fly around scoping for answers from her coursemates.
Whee!~ Life with Charlie's angel around sure is blissful!

Okie gtg. Bye.

Oh and wish me luck pls..... :)



yxuan said...

good luck!! ^o^

Augustine said...

yo..dun stress..
final here too...just follow the schedule study can d.

dun use short post like charlie's angel to bluff ur reader la...
LOL joking...

good luck

judy said...

charlie bug!! good good luck! my exam ends on the 6th MAY :( wth!!!

XhInE said...

Nah~ here's a bag full of luck~

CL said...

YXuan: Thank you! Same to you!!

Augustine: Lalalala then I think you got cheated lo. :P

Judy:Good luck to you too JHGT! :D

Xhine: hehehe..wah heavy eh~ Hahaha thank youuuuuu!

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