Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awesome Possum!

Look at what a compact camera can do!

No idea what this is?

Let me give you a better view.

Yesh! My IXUS 100IS can have panoramic view!

Whee!~ Such a little compact cam but it can really do a lot!

Oh well actually the Queensbay pic wasn't taken by my IXUS but I was just trying to let you guys know what it can do!

It doesn't need a big lens camera just to capture the whole area that you want to fit inside a pic!

The thing is, this IXUS has photostitch function where it allows you to take several photos together and combine them without much hassle and wala!

Your compact cam is as good as the big a*s DSLR! *big wet eyes* I've been dreaming of being able to take panoramic view pics (if that's what you call it) but Babe doesn't have that kind of lens so I thought I'll have to wait till he actually buys one for his 450D but no!

Yayyyy *jumps around*

Well of course the picture I took was my first try and I'm too lazy to drag myself out to take a proper view.

ps: Ooh, and guess which color I chose for my IXUS 100IS! :)



yokeMun said...

niceeee!!!!i wan a camera also!!!i don't have any...all are my sis's..i don't own sad... think u'll choose black...
i think is red??lol

CL said...

Whee! You got it right! hahah..why huh why huh u think i'd choose red?? :D

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