Monday, April 5, 2010


Argh I'm starting to feel the absence already.
3 more months before he comes back.

Oh well, I have a very hectic schedule ahead of me anyway.
So I guess it's a good thing that this schedule can distract me...

My finals is 2 weeks away and I'm probably one of the busiest students in my class since I'm taking 2 electives and 1 English class!

All for the sake of wanting to lenggang kaki in my final year

But why do I feel so relaxed....something must be wrong!

Okie better get back to studying now.

ps: I wanted to update on our VDay outing but blogger failed me when I tried to use its new editor or something. Shucks. So, bear with me, alright! :)




XhInE said...

makes the heart grow fonder (^.^)

LiLing said...

hehe the kissing one looks like suction cup..haha

CL said...

Xhine: heehee :)

Liling: Woih! Where got like suction cup!! It's not what it looks like actually..I hv a small dimple at my chin/lip area so that's why it looks like we're sucking each other..okie this sounds wrong!!!! Grrrr haahahh

Augustine said...

writing my english report writing....zzzzzzzzz doze off

CL said...

Augustine: What is that supposed to mean? My post very boring hor? hahah

Augustine said...

lol no la just tat we got smth in common.

my cosmate dun have to but i need to take english course....

quite sien when writing the report.
but now thinking back...i like it more than stupid engineering assignment ! language is alwiz fun.

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