Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yeeee Haaaa! (Materials Nite '10)

Finally a really long overdue post on my course dinner which was held at Paradise Beach Hotel in Penang on the 30th of January!
It's the juniors (3rd year) who are organizing it and that means my year!
Besides being part of the organiser this year, I brought a special guest with me! Hehe.

Anyway, I took a very long time to get dressed up in the hotel room together with the girls and guys and my special guest ended up waited for me for an hour or so at the lobby.
Sorry bb. :( My bad cause my useless crap phone battery decided to go against me that night.
So I was practically hp-less that night! =.=

And I finally reached the ballroom and it's picture time!~

I was totally not prepared for this theme at all because I really didn't feel like splurging on boots and rusty looking clothes so I ended up with:

♫ a pair of my old faithful white heels
♫ an RM8 cowboy hat my friends bought in bulk
♫ my sister's white shirt
♫ denim mini skirt which I totally love!
Country Hide sling bag which is so cowboy-like!

And to add some fun on my boring attire, I decided to tie the shirt up and show some flesh. Hahahah.
Dare not show too much. That's as far as I can go. Hahahah.

I felt a little under-dressed as compared to my friends that night but I guess it's the company that counts?

I was lucky to have Babe with me because besides accompanying me, he took the job as my photographer!
Whee!~ Aren't these photos look AWESOME??
I didn't edit any of the color/saturation/hue etc. All I did was the photo arrangement and the wordings!
How can you not fall in love with a DSLR?! Thank you, dear!

The dancing group!

My most important task on that day was to perform the dance which my girlfriends and I had spent so much time and effort on!
Although the dance was shorter than I initially planned, but I still feel the satisfaction of dancing in a group like I did when I was in secondary.
It all went well although I did stumble a little somewhere..hehe. Oops.

Everything went well as planned and the night was awesome~!
Seeing everyone with the smile on their faces showed that our effort totally paid off!

Forgot to take pics of the freshmen. :P

And to my most favorite pic of the night:



credit to Scythe who took this!

Say you like this pic toooooooooo!




yxuan said...

like like like~~ haha =P

kenwooi said...

flesh as in you mean.. tummy? =P

Anonymous said...

i actually adore your own posting taste, very helpful.
don't quit and also keep writing seeing that it simply well worth to read it.
looking forward to look over a lot more of your stories, have a good one ;)

CL said...

yxuan: hehe..thank u! :)

kenwooi: Hhaa..yea..wat else could it be??

Anonymous: thanks, glad to hear that. Not planning to quit at the moment cos I need cash so badly! hahahaha

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