Friday, March 12, 2010

My BF's Wedding

Specially dedicated to Sharan & Eugene:

"A wedding is the entrance to a marriage:

One drives through, and suddenly one's there!

Stepping from a fairy tale carriage

Into quite ordinary air.

Life is now a dance, though beautiful,

Requiring intense coordination;

Each self becomes, in ways inscrutable,

More fully what it is in combination.
And we who love you wait, of course, outside

As you become through love that mystery:

One flesh made whole of separate groom and bride;

Two selves, one life; two notes, one harmony.

When you are one, we then may cherish two:

Loving not just one, but both of you.

-Nicholas Gordon-

So I was invited by Sharan to her wedding dinner which was held at E&O in Penang last January.
It was the first time I actually attended a close friend's wedding dinner!

And yes, Sharan was and still is one of the closest friends I have back when I was in secondary school.
When I first stepped into SGGS, I barely knew anyone in the class because my primary school mates were all separated into different classes.
Sharan was one of the first few friends that I made back then.
She was warm and friendly and man, who could ever forget that sweet smile that she always has on her face.
Always ready to help and always one of the top girls in class. Tell me who wouldn't wanna be a Sharan.

We were in the same class for the first 3 years of my secondary school life and sisters in guiding! :)
Amazingly, her house number was one of the most dialed numbers I had back when I was still hp-less. (I actually remember her house number very well even till now because I think I always have a hard time trying to forget numbers that keep repeating in my life)
I'll usually call her to ask about homework and guiding stuffs, which she was always ready to lend a hand or two.
Sharan is best known for her intelligence, friendliness, neatness, responsibleness and whatever good -ness you can think of, she's that, aka awesome.

(I wish I could be as eloquent as I am in my blog when I was asked to give a short speech about her that night =.=)

However, this girl who has both beauty and brain, went on to have her tertiary education in Perth and we sort of lost contact for a couple of years and thanks to facebook, we were able to keep in touch again! :)

So to keep the story short, these are the pics taken that night!

Credits to Danny Lee for the beautiful pics. Blur pics were taken by bb. Heehee.

Sharan's the one in red.

I always have goosebumps when I attend wedding dinners and always have to hold back my tears.
No prize for guessing why.
That night, especially seeing Sharan who was so excited with the new phase in her life made me feel like I wanna get married too.
Haha. I know, I know, I haven't even graduated yet and am not even certain who's my future husband.
But what I'm certain of is that I wanna have the look on her face on my wedding day.
I wanna have the joy she portrayed every time we asked her about her life as a married young adult.

So anyway, before going off, to Sharan (if you're reading this),

I'm really happy that you've found your other half to continue your life with and I bet Eugene will be a great husband (although not knowing him for long but he seems nice! :) ). You've always been an inspiration to me and you still are. I hope you'll have a blissful marriage and we love you!!



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congrats to your friend =)

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Hmm should really show Sharan this. Post this link on her FB!

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