Friday, March 5, 2010

It's My Bday Again!

*This is gonna be a very lengthy, full of grandma stories and photos post!

This year's birthday was one of the most memorable ones I had so far!
But heck, I don't have like 23 birthday celebrations to begin with so obviously my memory still has a lot of spaces left for my recent birthday celebrations. Haha.

Anyway, it all started with my cousin who took me out on our usual weekly dinner and it so happened to fall on my birthday as well.
It was very normal and casual in the beginning as he asked me where I would like to have the dinner.
Things got a little weird when he started rushing me to make up my mind on where to eat and I thought maybe I was being fussy and all so I made a quick one, which is to have it at Hotel Damai.
I can never get over the fried rice special there! Hee.
Come to think of it, we celebrated my birthday last year at the same place, too! memorable. Thanks a bunch, couzzie! :)

So what he did was, we were sitting down, chilling and chatting after the dinner and suddenly a guy came up to me with a cake on his hand and said, "Happy birthday."
I was completely stunned and I looked at him and thought to myself, "Hmm..I don't think we know each other..."

Of course, after a millisecond perhaps, I came to realise that it was my cousin's idea and that was his friend. Heehehe.
I'm really glad he remembered my birthday because he claimed that he barely remembers anyone's birthday but I totally knew he remembered mine.
Thanks again, Nicholas! You definitely made my day.
Oooh and he treated me ice-cream as well! :D

So after dinner, I headed to my friends' place because they were having a farewell party for Kenneth, who left for Adelaide last couple of weeks.
I was still so full and couldn't really eat much so I spent some time playing Truth or Dare with my girlfriends and some rubic cube solving taught by Master Azwan (which I already forgotten almost 100% by now :P) .

Pictures during the farewell are taken by Kelvin & Kenneth

When it was about 30minutes to my birthday, I felt a bit curious because almost everyone except a few were still hanging around in the house although they were barely chit-chatting and basically doing nothing already.
Not to mention, some of my friends who are very unlikely nocturnals, were still around and haven't gone back!
So I sort of knew they were going to surprise me.
Sigh sometimes I hate myself for being so suspicious and curious! Spoilt the surprise quite a bit. Haha.

As the clock strikes twelve (haha so cliché), the electricity went off (or should I say my friends turned them off and shouted that electricity got cut =.=) and wala!

My friend, BL, surprised me with a cake! heheheh. Really funny moments because my friends were singing birthday songs of different versions and BL was getting really tired hence the expression. Hahahaha.
And the candles are those fireworks-like which won't go off unless you blow really hard!
So again, look at BL priceless expression!!
I doubt if the cake was free from my saliva!! HAHAHHAHHA.
I was really really happy because they remembered my birthday!!

One of the most memorable parts of the celebration? Look below:

Hahahah! I just couldn't stop laughing when I finally saw the cake and sexy??! I'm really flattered. Thanks, BL!
Then, it's photography time!

The ever crazy Azwan.

I was forced to drink a bottle of Carlsberg! Read that right! A bottle! But I couldn't finish it unless it was Heneiken then it'd be a different story! haha.

My Babes!

My men dudes! :P

The cakey tradition. Aiks! Whose itchy hand was that?!!

Brandon playing with fire to heat things up even more! Kids please don't learn from his example. hahah.

So as I was saying, I couldn't finish the whole bottle and guess what! My babes decided to share a sip or two with me!
They were awesome, alright! Some of them even forced themselves to drink!
Although in the end we still didn't manage to finish the whole bottle. Hehe.

Thank you, darlings! Muax muax muax!

On the night of my birthday, Babe took me out for dinner at The Ship again.
Most places were already closed because he was busy and we only went out around 9 something.
So we ended up at another branch of The Ship restaurant at town area.
We ordered something else this time and could barely finish the food!

Major fail photo collage.

Here's what I got for my b'day~!

A heart shape pillow which I have since been hugging it to sleep together with Spongie!

Body shampoo and lotion! *pampered pampered*

Birthday card with well wishes from my Babes!

A scarf with lovely shades of grey! Me loves! Thank you, roomies! :)

Went out with Sheena sometime after that and she surprised me with my birthday present! Thank you, NaCl!! Love it lots!

As for my family, they give me this! Oh well..hehehehe.

Here's what Babe gave me! To those of you who know the story behind this present, good for you! Because I'm too darn lazy to repeat the whole thing here... :)

I haven't given it a name yet.


To everyone who wished me: Thank you! Thanks for the well wishes and I hope the same for all of you as well!

To my buddy: Thanks for the present and finally we had a dd that night! (If you know what I mean) Hehe.

To my uni friends: You have no idea how much of an impact that celebration had on me. I was really touched and grateful. You guys rock my life!!

To my Babe: Although that night wasn't one of the best times we had, but I'm really happy we managed to celebrate my birthday together after so many years. I you so much.



kenwooi said...

iphone?? *jealous*
yeah, happy birthday =)

CL said...

Haha unfortunately it's ipod touch! Thank u!

ZillY said...

so sweet ^,^
hapPy Birthday btw(belated)

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