Tuesday, March 30, 2010

iPod Apps Mania!

This is weird.
I never expected I'll make a post label called Game in my blog and I think I just did.
All thanks to the iPod Touch Babe gave me on my birthday!!

Mixed feelings. I think I should be happy but then again this is what I've been doing EVERY single night without fail before I sleep.
Maybe I should be happy because at least now I know the competitive side of me hasn't died yet even after secondary school life.
Hahah...oh yesh, my uni life is still competitive but only academic wise to me.
Lazy d lor. Where got time to concentrate on so many things like I did in secondary?
Almost cost me my grades ehh.

So anyhow, these are the games I've been playing every night because I like to beat my own scores.
How lame but it's interesting! :D

This game is called Rat On The Run.
Nope, the rat isn't running away to save his ass but he actually needs to eat all the cheese before he can successfully go to a higher level.
Nothing much interesting maybe but this Ratty is very cute!
Not only he can walk and jump (as expected), he can even ride a scooter!!!

Here's Ratty trying to eat as many cheezels as possible.
Got wear helmet some more eh! My Ratty is very safety conscious.
Like me *cough cough*

This is Ratty falling off the platform but still looks very steady and he falls with style eh!

And this is Ratty skidding!!! Not willing to fall off just yet! It actually has that annoying skidding sound omg I just love iTunes apps!

This, on the other hand is my latest addiction. It's called Monkey Flight.
It's pretty self explanatory from the printscreen (yes, even iPod does that!) that all the monkey has to do is to grab as many fruits as possible by bouncing!
So cute right!
The cloud fluff and elephants are supposed to help the monkey to bounce higher to get more fruits!

But have to be aware of the puddle of mud and rocks in between!

So cute so cute I love the colors!!!

This is called Air Coaster Lite and it's totally BORING. I downloaded it because I thought it'll be something like Roller Coaster Tycoon.
It turned out to be just.....sitting on the roller coaster and feel how it's like to sit on one and..that's all.
Maybe it's more suitable for those who dare not sit on a real roller coaster because if not, this is so not thrilling at all.
But I have to give credit to the view! Very nice!

At the beginning.

About to go downhill and look, there's a speedometer!
It's like you're the only living thing in the desert...

And because of these, I've been sleeping half an hour later than my usual time every night just so that I have some entertainment before I call it a day.


ps: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SZM!!!! I hope you like the present I gave you! :)



kenwooi said...

the games look fun.. but the only apple product i got is a macbook.. haha.. =)

Augustine said...

haha i play monkey flight =D

CL said...

kenwooi: Wahhhh.... @.@

Augustine: Haha.. fun right!!

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