Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Have A Date With Spring Him

It was months ago when I had dinner with Babe after his work at PWC.
We went straight to Gurney and decided to dine at Nandos.

6 years ago, I didn't know how the food in Nandos tasted like because then McD was probably still my favourite and I can't really afford Nandos with my daily allowance. Haha.
It was Babe who took me here (yes, the first Nandos we went to was at Gurney as well, only that it's now relocated) because he said Nandos serves really good chicken and not forgetting the Mediterranean rice which we still have problem stealing the recipe from the chef. =.=

We normally order half chicken with 2 sidelines and the sidelines would be peri chips and Mediterranean rice!
But this time, we decided to try something new: Espetada! (with 2 sidelines as well, no prize for guessing what are the sidelines we ordered :P)

Lo and behold, this was what that came to us:

and this was Babe's priceless expression on how the Espetada was presented to us! Hhehehe.

Maybe we're noobs because we had no knowledge about what is espetada although it was written on the menu that the chicken is served on skewer but we didn't notice that at all.

And the height of the skewer....the least of our expectation. :P

Some other food we ordered:

That's all for now!

I have a presentation tomorrow.

Wish me luck!



Kokd said...

Awww.. you are so sweet dear! That was so long ago de!

CL said...

Yea same goes to your posts!! :P

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