Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Fell In ♥, Again.

It was yesterday when I felt like I needed to watch some movies.
I took advantage of the 'sharing' service which is available throughout my campus.
As I was scrolling down the list of movies, Twilight caught my attention.

I have never been a fan of Twilight, neither the book nor the movie.
Or should I say I've never taken the initiative to do any of the above.
But somehow, I clicked on it and waited patiently for the movie to be downloaded.
The line in campus was surprisingly good and it was done within minutes!

Then I began to regret and questioned every single move I just did.
I got hooked onto it the moment I saw the scene where the Cullens walked into the cafeteria.
I've heard so much about Edward Cullen but I knew so little about the rest of them in the family.
Yea yea amazingly no one bothered to tell me (or I never bothered to ask) anything about Twilight other than a vampire falls in love with a mortal and Edward Cullen is hot/cute/handsome giler and the likes.

Honestly, I used to really dislike how Robert Pattinson looked like in the film.
Whenever I saw Twilight posters or images online, I have sort of a disgust feeling towards him because he's too 'white'.
Ok lor I know he's supposed to be a vampire and all so it's ok for him to look white.
But as I watched the movie, I realised I've slowly began to change my perception on him.
except the fact that he's still too white

Sigh. I can't be any lamer than that.
I have a lot of soft spot for guys who utter romantic words to girls and you can totally tell they mean what they say with the look in their eyes.
Of course not those puppy love kind of thing.

And I couldn't stop watching until the very end of the movie.
I even replay it again for the 2nd time now. =.=

And I actually like how Kristen Stewart portrayed that kind of weird, tad nerdy and anti-social kinda look but at the same time she's so attractive.
Damn. Must be some kind of vampire spell Edward had on her.

Ooh and I fell in love with the pic above. Can't stop staring at her it.


On another note, I've been contemplating.
Should I:


A camera is totally ideal for a person like me who loves to take photographs (although not professionally) but at the same time, I wanna revamp my wardrobe!

Is it really too much to ask for.....

Okie lor maybe it is because I only have enough money for one. :(

Shopping will never be enough anyway.

Compact camera it is! *I hope*



jaryn_koay said...

your pic of the girl swallowed by the shopping bags made me laugh!!!

CL said...

jaryn: haha..yea i was googling for a nice pic and i came across this! :)

eeleen said...

I'm having a IXUS 95. =) It gives me awesome pictures.

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