Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rawwr! Here Comes The Tiger!

It's Chinese New Year again!
I hope it's not too late to wish those who have been following my blog:


I don't think I should talk about why the Chinese celebrate CNY and all because ancient history isn't that interesting..
To me, CNY is a wonderful occasion because this is the time of the year when Malaysia feels like spring more like extreme summer because you can see all the flowers bloom so beautifully!

This flower (not sure what it's called) has been practically dead for as long as I can remember and it bloomed right before CNY!

Mom says this flower was given by my grandma when she was still alive and it felt as though grandma was with us during CNY! :)

Even the trees outside are flowering as well. Hahah.

God of Prosperity is not thinking out of the box. How to huat chai?!

Honestly, I have no idea why things (almost everything) have to be in red during this time of the year.
Some say it's auspicious and it brings good luck yada yada yada.
But if you're meant to have good luck, you'll still have it no matter what you do, right?
Or unless you wanna challenge me with Feng Shui and things of that sort, then I don't know what to say.

However, weird enough, this year I didn't even buy a piece of red clothing except the auspicious red panties my mom bought for me !!
When I was younger, I used to look forward to CNY a lot for some obvious reasons well you know things like, ang pows (red packets), new clothes (because I refrain myself from buying new clothes unnecessarily), ang pows..ahahaha.
So basically it's ang pows and I'm never gonna get married so soon because I love receiving ang pows!! haha.
So please stop asking ang pows from me wtf. -.-

This year's CNY is a little different from the previous years because Babe is around!
Oh yesh, this time I dragged him to my grandpa's house so that he can be officially accepted (haha) by the maternal side of my family.
Imagine after 6 long years and I suddenly popped out a bf to let my grandpa, aunties and uncles to see...hmm.
Everything was good though. :)

I think this was my 1st CNY pic which was on the 2nd day of CNY. T.T
Taken outside my grandpa's house. I should have taken more of my lovely CNY dress!

Mom said grey is good for those who were born in the year of rabbit this year.
Normally I don't really care but I subconsciously ter-buy 3 grey clothes this year..!
maybe I'm superstitious after all

Later that night, I had a family reunion dinner at Fisherman's Wharf!
It was a lovely reunion and the best part was the room came with a karaoke set in it!
I didn't know my family has such passion for singing! hahaha.
Almost everyone sang except my grandma, my mom and my uncle!

Xin nian kuai le~Bu bu gao sheng~wan shi ru yi~huat arrr!

The aftermath. Not a very good sight. Haha.

The angpows given by the restaurant! But inside are chocolate coins. -.-

On the 6th day of CNY, I organized a get-together lunch for my uni friends!
We went to Hardwicke House Restaurant which is located between Gleneagles Hospital and Northam Tower.
It can be easily spotted as the restaurant isn't blocked by any other buildings.

So off we went for a good CNY lunch buffet which was priced at RM19.80++ per person.

The presentation of the food.

Lou Sang again!

Mushroom soup as appetizer.

Sorry if this looks disgusting. Haha.
That's because I forgot to take a pic and I already ate a piece of the mutton (I think). :P
The big white creamy piece on the plate was actually a cheese baked fish. I think it's dory cause it was really yummy! :)

Some bolognese spaghetti, rice and fried noodle. And look, it's the fish again! hehehehe.

Fruits & desserts!


I kinda like the colorful tarts. They put a lot of variety in the tarts and it was kinda nice I'd say.

CY at the salad bar which I forgot to try (the salad of course, not CY -.-)

This is................a drink that tasted like ribena. Or maybe it was ribena after all. :D

My choice of ice cream flavors~ No need to elaborate kua..pretty obvious isn't it.

The peeps that went! Thanks a bunch! :)

This is the restaurant! (I don't know how to end la..just let it be ok...)

On the same day, I had a steamboat buffet dinner with my high school girlfriends!
My tummy was so bloated thanks to the lunch and what went in hasn't come out yet for that day, so I wasn't hungry at all..

Couldn't decide if I should pin up my fringe. Guess which I went for?

Finally, after much's how I look that night!

No pics of the food because I wasn't hungry at all and everyone was busy taking photos (of people) already so I did too! :)

With Sheena and MY. Thanks for the ride, Sheena! :)

With the lovable Angela. We've been friends since primary, yo! Up till tertiary education actually although same uni but different campus. Haha.

Science 3 rocks!

With Su Li whom I've lost contact with after 6th Form! Nice to see you again, girl! :)

And finally the place we dined at: Xuan Xin Stemaboat Buffet Restaurant at Tanjung Tokong.

After the dinner, we went to QEII to see what's rocking over there and we saw a couple of ladyboys (exactly how they want themselves to be referred as, yes one of them who was the MC told the audience that) danced and lip-syncing to the CNY songs! was hilarious especially the MC who cracked us up with almost every word that he uttered!
Seriously, I've never been so entertained by a ladyboy as much as I was that night.

One of the few jokes I remember was when he asked the audience if his voice was too deep and to tune his voice to a more feminine one, he actually pressed his boobies (made of sponge) and wala! Miracle does happen after all. hahahaha.

Anyway, yup so that's part of what I did during CNY.
Will update soon for the rest! :)


ps: Babe's in the plane flying back to Melbourne as I'm typing this now. Have a safe journey there, Babe. 5 months only right. I'll be good. I won't cry..because I've been really happy for the past months. No reason to cry now. :)


Kokd said...

Hey dear, I reached Melbourne de. I am trying to get my skype to work in uni. For now can only chat in Fb.
Ps. I forgot to bring my charger for my old phone!!!

kenwooi said...

nice pics.. btw, you look different with and without fringe.. =)

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