Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Man & My Hot Babe

Okie okie this is one of the 3 men in my life whom I cherish the most.
He's none other than my BIG BROTHER, Darren! Hahahah.

Darren isn't a name given by the family, he gave himself that name..from Robert (or was it Robot?) to Darren for some God knows reason.
This brother of mine turns 27 today! (but he still acts like a kid)

I'm grateful to have an elder brother because like they say, big brother will usually protect the younger siblings whenever they're in trouble.

Not that I get myself into any serious trouble before but anyway, I have the best brother one earth..here's why"

Me: Yo brother, Happy birthday! 27 years old d..be good and come back soon! :)

Bro: Ya, thanx...I will faster come back and take my gift. So, be prepared. Haha..

: Oh, ok! We shall do some gift exchange when you come back! :D (because my birthday is near as well)

Bro: Oh, like that no need to give la. Equal la, hahahaha....

Now, tell me I have the best brother on earth. =.='

That was when I messaged him last night.

Anyway, although he won't be reading this (cos big brother is too busy earning money in the big city), HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KOKO! ♥ You know I LOVE YOU! :)



And to a special person whom has been calling me by the name, Small Brain since 2002, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG BRAIN! you know who you are! :)

I LOVE YOU TOO! ♥ Have a blast in India okayyyyyyyy! Hug hugggggg!~



Augustine said...

family love

CL said...

haha. Thanks

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