Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 6th Anniversary, My ♥

Finally my long awaited anniversary post! maybe I was the only one waiting wtf

Anyway, as many of you would have already known, Babe and I celebrated our anniversary together this year!
We haven't been celebrating our anniversary together since countless of years ago because we've been physically apart..., by the seas and the mountains and what not.
Sad, right?

But not anymore! Okie, yes, on our 7th Anniversary next year but they say today's called the present because it's a gift! (Did I phrase that wrongly?)
So I shall appreciate every single moment I have left with him (he's flying off in less than 2 weeks' time) so that whenever I reminisce on what we have done for the past 3 months, I'll only smile and not cry!

To mark our 6th Anniversary, Babe decided to bring me to The Ship for a posh dinner.
Okie la, it's not very posh but for students like us, it is considered very luxurious already lo.
Babe knows how much I love good food with good environment and of course, I was elated with his choice! :P

The ultimate ship in Penang.

Even their menu is huge. Or maybe I'm tiny :/ Haha.

Appetizer: Crabmeat Cocktail

Babe's Seafood Au Gratin

A combination of mixed seafoods, baked with cheese and bechamel wine sauce, served with baked potato and salad

Ice Lemon Tea

My choice: Fillet Steak Flambee Au Brandy

Grilled fillet garnished with white mushroom gravy sauce and flambee with brandy, served with french fries and vegetables

Precautionary measures just in case you drown yourselves in your own saliva with their delicious steak. Just kidding. :P

Ship-like interior.

Love love!

Happy customers! :)

Thank you dear, for being with me throughout these years. Smoochies*

My anniversary gift! The 6 roses were all folded personally by Babe!
Thank you, dear! Very sweet, iLike! :)

My gift for him:

An Ogival swimming trunk! Knowing how much my man loves doing sports especially swimming, I bought him this! A bit costly but we've been searching for this for really really long! Fire trunks, it is! :)

Thank you for the dinner and the time, my dear.
We both know how much we treasure the moments we get to spend together.
Although at times it might look like I take it for granted, but I hope you know that deep down inside all I wanna do is to lie down beside you and feel your warmth, as if everything else doesn't matter anymore.

It's been 8 years since we first gazed into each others' eyes and I never thought that innocent feeling could slowly grow into the feelings we now have for each other.
Staying apart for a few years now haven't been an easy ride for both of us and I'm glad we managed to pull it through together despite so many unwanted dramas in between.

You have taught me to be the better person I am now (maybe not in many's eyes but wth haha) and I'm forever grateful I made that decision to miss call you in 2003, and to have you returned my call out of curiosity, which was the moment my life changed forever.

I love you, dear.
I wanna see myself spending every bits of memories right now and in the future with no one else but you.

We only have 1 and a half year to make this LDR reach its end.
I love you, I love you, I love you x ∞.

What would I do without you, Love?


*apologies to readers who think this entry is too mushy :P


LiLing said...


Quin said...

happy anniversary!!

sweeet... i realised i've never asked you how your romance started. the next time i see you, share your story, will you?


Hui Ping said...

yeah.. so sweet.....
happy anniversary 2 u too....
happy cny... enjoy ya..

Kokd said...

Happy 6th Anniversary babe! Thanks for all the good times!

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