Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gotta ♥ 2012 2010!

Life is such a bliss whenever Babe's around.
That's because every weekend, I know I have something to look forward to.
It doesn't have to be anything new or extraordinary, just the thought of getting to see him every weekend it's good enough to make my simple life beautiful.

Babe's back for almost three months now, which also means he's gonna be leaving me again for another few months.
As much as I want him to stay, I know I shouldn't be so dependent on him as for now and he has got to do what he got to do for a better future with me haha.

Anyway, this isn't an emo post! it's a post with sheet load of pics
This entry is gonna be filled with all the previous pics I took (mostly with iPhone aka BB) which I had such a hard time trying to find time to blog about. Sigh.


So this was what we did on the first day of 2010. We went out to have a good dinner together! :)

A silhouette of me. Babe's insisted.

Final check on my face. haha. Hope I didn't scare you.

Penangites really have no where else to go besides Queensbay on the weekend lorr. =.= yes, that means me too! :P
Jam like peanut butter and jam.

We were walking past this newly opened tid bits shop and realised a lot of people were feasting like carnivores trying the tidbits they had to offer! We didn't wanna be left out so we went in as well and I bought raisins! :D Haha.

This is the healthier shop but look at the difference mannnnnn. Peeps nowadays don't take care of their health anymore, do they? Or it's because they're more attracted to free food?? Hmmm.

Couldn't really make up our mind where to have dinner.
Initially wanted to go to Siam Express but Manhattan was more inviting in the end. hehe.

Babe waiting for our food to arrive.

Didn't manage to go to Siam Express in the end because we were full after Manhattan.


Day 2 of 2010!

I know like wt-eff suddenly skip to day 2. Anywayyyyyys,

WE WENT JET SKIING!!!!!!!!!!!! have to bold the words because it was the only time in my life thus far where I felt like I was willingly surrendering my life away wt-eff.

Basically this was what we did. Imagine we're the couple in the pic above. haha. And of course I insisted on taking charge of the machine after a while and I think it was less than a minute before I felt like I was REALLY willingly surrendering my life away to the sea gawd and decided to let Babe handle it instead. :)

BitchBeach is . Thank god for Penang, the island! :)

My man serenading a lovely song for me by the beach. I think this is by far the most romantic thing he did to me before. Hhehe. I mean, you gotta love a man who plays musical instruments! Like Jay Chouuuu/Lee Hom etc.. He even prepared a mat! See how thoughtful he was? :)

Had western dinner at the famous western food restaurant? at Mount Erskine.

Whee!~ Food! I forgot what it's called so let's just call it Food Doe.

Whee!~ Food Doe II! =.=

Random chocolate & candies I got from Kotex Deluxe. Why not both as in dryness and comfort! Say yes to both! But no, I'm not a Kotex fan.

First few weekends of 2010:

Went to Gurney to watch Avatar! But it was sold out..!!
Bought tix for the next day though.


The next day! How lame. Haha. Anyways,

Sun was bright and shining and time to camwhore! :P

Belgian Chocolate waffles at Leomag! Yumms!


Did some grocery shopping for our home cooked spaghetti!

Read the pic.

Was freezing like mad at the basement and in Parkson so we went out to get some warmth.
The sun was too glaring. Yet I still can smile. :)

BB's pic quality is kinda good, huh!

Saw a halo around the sun while on our way back.
Took this pic from my aviators.
Can you spot the halo?

Oh, oh and my take on Avatar is that it's probably the movie you love and hate.
I really hate the fact that the creatures are all in blue (although blue is my favourite) and it looks soooo wrong!
I actually hesitated to watch it for a month until I heard too many good reviews about it and went to watch it.
Dem, it was goooooood! As much as my mind wanted to contradict my own was really good.
But I don't like the ending not because it was predictable but to fall in love with an avatar??! WRONG!!!
Well, that's my opinion, at least. :)
But the actor's cute so wth.



kenwooi said...

why do you call your BF "babe"? lol.. sounds.. weird..

anyway, kinda late.. but happy new year 2010! enjoy! =)

Richard Ling said...

babe is for girl, not?

CL said...

Erm..whoever says "Babe" ONLY refers to girls? :)

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