Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Sia

I've been a really lazy avid blogger (ahah, oxymoron kao kao) lately.
Apologies to my readers (and myself :( ) for not updating.
My schedule has been really packed since a month ago because the lecturers are all trying to rush everything before CNY holidays.
Crap okie!!!
They're giving us unnecessary pimples stress and for the past month, Thursday has been my favourite day of the week.
Because then all the assignments/quizzes/tests that are giving me the pimples stress will be done by Thursday usually.

And obviously I've lost my blogging passion now.
I can't even write a proper entry!
Now this is a crapppp!

Anyway, things to look forward to in these few days (I'm hoping to go back home on Wed):

New year outings with my one and only.

6th Anniversary celebration!

my best friend's wedding (ooh, sounds catchy)
photo credits to Danny Lee



My 2-st/nd/rd/th birthday celebration!! :D
photo credits to Kelvin Ng

Life is great so far! except uni lecturers and uni work


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