Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Worst Shopper

Woke up on Sunday morning to this:

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 in 3D!! wtf! So surreal and man, kids nowadays are lucky!
I used to play RCT1 and it was nothing like that!
Gonna get hooked on it once I get a mouse for my laptop.

Oh yes, I've been doing editing in photoshop using keypad. Even for my blog header!! :)

After lunch, we went to Pavilion in hopes of taking photos of the "snow" there. But heck! We were too late. :(

My first time conquering KL roads! Die die must show evidence. Hehehe.

Walked to Pavilion after parking in Times Square. Luckily we weren't caught in the jam because Babe was smart enough not to park in Sg. Wang although it's nearer and cheaper to Pavilion.

Mangkuks in front of Pavilion. Didn't see this the last time we were here! :)

Babe pointing at sexy ang mohs. hahah. Just kidding.

Did you guys notice the reindeers at the entrance of Pavilion?
They have balls!! So obscene okie. I don't understand why must they make the reindeers with balls and they're so obvious I think little kids must be wondering what are those 2 things dangling at the reindeer's torso. =.="

Forgot to take a pic of the huge-balled reindeers. Hahaha.

Still feeling Christmassy!~

Walked back to Times Square and did some shopping. I saw so many clothes I want...T.T

In fact, I think I want all the clothes I saw. :(

In sis' all time favorite store, Nichii!

I wanna have these as part of my wardrobe, can?
And that red signs....I can't resist anymore!!

So, I put one on.
Ahhh...the satisfaction. Indescribable. But I didn't buy in the end because I just couldn't make up my mind!! Arrrgggh!

Anyhow, after some window shopping (my shopping experience in KL is really sad :C ), we decided to head back and suddenly Babe saw Krispy Kreme!
He claimed their donuts are much better than JCo's and Big Apple!

The shiny glaze..*drools*

And we realised we were running out of time before getting charged for another hour for parking.
So we ran like mad towards our car and *look below*:

I think I should put FML for the first time in my blog. Mummy, Yatz was the one who taught me that. Hahaha.

We paid a friggin' RM10 (which is the maximum amount one pays in Times Square) for parking alone!!! Grrrr.....

So imagine having to pay so much for the parking and not getting anything that actually worth the time we spent there. T____T

End of the lamest shopping event one can ever have in KL and back to home sweet home on Monday morning.

Taken with BB!

Hopefully I'll go there again before CNY to do more shopping! *crossed fingers hope that it's not gonna be window shopping again*

ps: Oh, I actually bought a dress in Times Square. Will update soon!

pps: Pics are all taken using BB (iPhone).



JenKin Yat said...

eh i didnt teach u fml ok..i think i taught u other things =P

Anonymous said...

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CL said...

Yatz: Hahah..ok ok i mz have got mixed up. FTS then... :P

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