Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

I like it longer..........

#1 because I can have more precious time with the one I love before he leaves to London again.

Long Distance Lovers

#2 because it can be styled to many different looks and it's definitely sexier!

Long hair

#3 because I can have ALL my classmates in it and PARTY the night long!~

Long limousin

#4 because I can use it as a seductive weapon and electrocute every guy that looks at my eyes!

Long eyelashes

#5 because it was love at first sight when my love fell in love with my hair when he didn't even know who I was.

Okie I don't look like JLo 6 years ago (or even now) but my hair was tied up something like that la. :P

#6 because it is one of the cultures in the world where the people look unique as compared to the norms and that's what that makes the world a more colorful place to live in!

Long-neck woman

#7 because it is the home of the many wonderful and interesting sea creatures in the world.

The Nile River

#8 because you just gotta have them. Ok lor..I'm envious because I'm short ma.

Long legs

#9 because I can fold my tongue like no one else and I'm cool like that. :D

Long tongue

Hope I didn't disgust you but can you fold your tongue like me? Look carefully, my tongue wasn't supported by my teeth at all. It was merely touching my bottom teeth.

#10 because the new LG Chocolate (BL40) is:

definitely precious with its "best in finger-friendly 3D graphics, intuitive responsiveness and easy accessibility".

sexier Glossy, sleek and thin like a supermodel. as quoted by GQ’s Dylan Jones.

complete with all the best phone functions, among which are: 4-inch widescreen and a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera.

an effective seductive weapon
as it is known as the ‘Supermodel’ of Phones as labeled by fashion experts.

a must love at first sight
. (I don't think I need to describe this, it is too darn obvious)

uniquely longer as compared to other mobile phones

wonderful and interesting as it is "embedded with special content from James Cameron’s epic action movie AVATAR."

a one of a kind mobile phone which you just gotta have
because it "comes with a stylish Twenty8Twelve’s limited-edition designer case designed by the fashionista and actress Sienna Miller and her designer sister Savanna".

cool since the screen has "crystal clear HD resolution to give users a cinematic experience all in a grip with a stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display".

Now tell me why wouldn't you like the longer and new LG Chocolate (BL40)!!


XhInE said...

Thumbs UP! =P

Bruce828 said...

OMG~ Ur tongue is really long^^

theeggyolks said...

i can never do that to my tongue -_-"

CL said...

Xhine: Haha..thanks! but i don't think it's sufficient to win the phone though.. *crossed fingers* ahah

Bruce828 & theeggyolks: took years of training..haha. no la. i discovered that very randomly.don't know why and how i did it also.

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