Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Straight Hair!

After much contemplation, I decided to go for straight.
Nothing drastic, just to play safe. Boring, I know.
But I was thinking, if I could get temporary curls with my current straight hair, so why not, right?
Silly me for not thinking about this and went to curl my hair permanently in the beginning of 2009.

Kinda regretted it but it (my hair) became so much better after half a year of perming it.
But a year is enough for me.
I wanna change my hairstyle every year, if possible. :)
I've changed my hair 3 times since I entered uni and I'm in my 3rd Year now!
Not bad, huh? hahah.

Anyway, I went to the hair salon called Apex Cuts & Hair Saloon at Jln. Sungai Dua which is located opposite Sg. Dua McD in Penang.
This was my 2nd time there, the first time was to have my curled hair trimmed. Very nice service (or maybe it's the looks I'm talking about! Hahah).

Both my sis and I were greeted by a young and handsome looking guy whom I thought he was a friend initially because he smiled until very super friendly.
Gave me a shock actually. Hahaha.
I think I got the same hairstylist, Anson (whom I think is the BOSS because he seemed to touch every single customer's hair before passing it to other hairstylists).

That's Anson for you!
I'm not 100% sure but I'm quite sure. ahaha.
Very very friendly looking face and he's kinda cute, too! :P

Despite having to wait more than 30mins due to the lack of stylists and too many customers kept coming, I thought it was worth the wait.
But then the torturous 5 hour 'journey to get my hair straightened' started.
Ok laa...not torturous but I sat on the chair till my butt pain like hell.
After all, I haven't done anything so permanent to my hair for one year already.
Oh and sis got her hair permed!
Haha..we're so opposite.

But hers was much faster because her hair was shorter. So I ended up sitting in the salon for so long and even witnessed how many customers came and gone..I lost count actually.

After that, sis, Siaw Ting and I went to the Sg. Dua night market and I was so starving already...

Candid by sis. Totally no editting done.

The results: Everyone says I look YOUNGER!
Waahahahaaahah....just feel like laughing so loud because haven't heard that for so long d. Hahahahaha.
Some even said I look like a famous superstar at certain angles...almost choked myself upon hearing that but THANK YOU! Really appreciate them although I disagreed. hahahaah.

I like it! How about you?

Now I can curl my hair anytime I want and just wash it off to have my hair straight again! Hhehehehe.

Oh and I said goodbye to my trustee Freshlook contact lens early this month.
I'll miss you! (although you burnt quite a big hole in my pocket and I can only use you for a month...)

Okie, gtg back to my work now.



Xiaopei said...

Looks younger with straight hair =)

CL said...

Thanks girl! :)

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