Friday, January 8, 2010

Post Christmas '09

I spent the whole weekend in KL!
Initially I wanted to do more shopping there but I could only find holes in my pocket so save it then. :(
So anyways we went to SS2 Murni on Saturday night!
As usual, it was packed and a lot of shops on that row weren't closed yet so basically there were too few tables to accommodate the number of people which was increasing super fast.

Google map didn't fail us! Or was it vice versa?

Murni's Menu. They have EVERYTHING. @.@

Finally found a table for 2 beside the wall!

Babe posing for the camera! :)

Okie it's really time to get a new hairdo.

I think Murni's employees are the most hardworking employees in the world!!

The food we ordered that night:

Roti Hawaii @ RM 5 (Totally recommended!)

Chicken Maryland @ RM7.50 (I think).

Triple H @ RM4 (Totally recommended!)

Babe 'dissecting' poor breadie.

Yummss! Basically it has 3 slices of bread and in between those bread, there are cheese sausages and beef/chicken patty (can't remember which) and it was wrapped with egg! *drools*

After Murni, we decided to go to Swensens for dessert! :)

Guess which ice cream we picked?

Babe still deciding.

Posing with Coit Tower @ RM16.90 (the name of the ice cream)!
This is far better than the dessert in Bread & Olives! It has banana slices with strawberries, chocolate ice cream and all others that make a great ice cream! Heee...I actually forgot what else is in there all I knew is that it was really DELICIOUS!

If you were one of those who read my fb status on Christmas week, you'll know that I initially planned to go to The Cave instead.

The pic I took with BB (iPhone) from Babe's car.

But before I went out for dinner, I did some homework about the food there and it turned out most of the reviews weren't convincing at all.
Then I changed my mind and wanted to drink sky juice there only because I still wanna feel how it's like in there (too cheapskate d) but it eventually rained as we came out from Swensens.
So, The Cave, maybe next time! :)

2 more days in KL on Christmas weekend!



eLaiNe said...

Wow Triple H is something new, I see. They still have lotsa things they dont have in their menu but order-able. Did you try the special drinks?

CL said...

haha..special drinks is how one???

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