Sunday, January 31, 2010

Highlights of 2009

# Freaking permed my hair because I've never permed it before and I wanna have fabulous hair like Jolin Tsai. hahahahaha.

Aunty CL

# Another anniversary spent apart. I wanna cry no more.
# Arguments started.
# But I missed him.

# Glad that there are still friends who remembered my birthday and surprised me on my birthday! I love you all!
# Argued again.
# Genting with uni mates! :) One of the few moments in my life which I was really happy.

# I missed him.

# Argued like shit despite it was his birthday. Happy 21st birthday, dear. I cannot bear the loneliness anymore.
# I missed him.

# Finals. Screwed up totally. Efforts to maintain last sem's GPA were not seen or felt.
# I missed him.

# Worked as sales personnel. Working was so much fun than arguing.
# I missed him.

# When you don't handle your emotions well, you can't handle your relationships well and your academics as well. Was disappointed with my results. Dropped 0.6 from my previous GPA. So f-ed up.
# Love came back for me. For us. For everything that's worth coming back for.

# I still missed him.

# First time in Malacca! Had a great time but I wished we had more time to spare.

# He left so that he can come back to me again in 4 months' time.
# I missed him.

# I missed him.

# I missed him.

# Got my passport done for the first time! Went to the Immigration Department for the first time and was alone throughout the entire process. Lonely soul wandering around seeing strangers lurking everywhere. Scary somehow.
# I missed him.

# Finals!! Screwed my final final's paper badly.
# Babe came back again. Love never felt so strong.
# I still missed him.

# Toured Singapore with Babe for the first time! :) Loves.

# Application for internship in Japan was turned down but few days later was lucky enough to be informed that I got an internship position with Fairchild Semiconductor!
# GPA got pulled up by 0.5 from previous pointer. Got lucky again! :) Wild difference. Lesson learnt: Do not argue with your bf when you're still studying. It sucks. Big time. hahahah.
# Went clubbing with Babe for the first time and together with a bunch of great friends! Heeee. It was wild....

# Flew a kite for the first time in my life with Babe!

# I miss you.

So, this pretty much sums up all that had happened in my life in 2009.
As you can see, the first half kinda suck but it went well in the end. I guess that's just part of life.
Lots of things happened in the family and we have been busy throughout the year..I guess there's nothing much to talk about it..

I'm beginning to see some hopes in 2010! :D


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