Thursday, December 24, 2009

Land of The Lion 3

*This was actually written on the 20th...but I need to update my blog in a proper manner so here it goes!

Since Babe is busy jailbreaking BB, I shall spend some time updating my blog!

And now, into the 3rd day of my getaway!

Getting prepared and this was the mirror I mentioned earlier!

Bought a pair of 1 day tourist passes which can be used both on the MRT and the public buses! HOW CONVENIENT! :)

Thankfully for the pass, we managed to save a few dollars at least because we went to the wrong station and with this pass, we can make as many mistakes as we like because it's unlimited! :))

Where are we going this time?
It's none other than the Singapore Zoo!
*I know I sound lame and dry but I feel really tired after thinking and practicing dance steps but I just feel the urge of please just bear with me...*

Meanwhile, I'll just let the pics do the talking:

Babe doing some weird pout. Heheh

It was drizzling when we reached there..(I bet by now you'd be thinking if only Babe wrote his entries on our Singapore trip instead of me..ahah..I really can't help it)

Had a simple lunch at KFC just to fill our poor tummies..Babe was trying to compare the size of the colonel/zinger burger to the sauce sachet. =.=

Upon entering the zoo, we were welcomed by a company of parrots with colorful feathers and I don't think I need to explain further..
The nice thing about Singapore Zoo is that their staffs are willing to help you take pictures with the parrots using your own camera and with their cameras as well.
With that, it is optional for you to buy the photos taken by them.
Unlike Malacca's Animal World Safari, you are not allowed to take photos with the tigers (at the entrance) with your own camera.
Cheapskate giler.

With Singapore's national flower! Orchid's awesome, no? After all, purple is !

WARNING: Cute animals ahead!

Mummy hippo and baby hippo. :)

What are families for? To korek each other's kutu (fleas) aka groom, of course!

Trying hard to fit in. Failed.

Orang utan refused to give some cooperation.

Giving a kiss to the zebra on behalf of his deed to the homo sapiens from Venus. Don't get it? Ze Bra. Imagine life without bra. So, girls out there, be thankful to them!!! I IS LAME.

I like this shot. Can't remember who took it.

Fancy a zebratt, anyone? (Zebratt= Zebra + butt)

Spent some loving moments with the giraffes.

The trainer was nice enough to not charge us S$5 which was normally charged if we wanna feed the animals.
Babe got me a plate of carrots and I went and fed the giraffes.
Oh boy, I was so nervous because I've never fed such big animals before but luckily they have a very friendly facial features so I manned myself up and said:

I was too distracted by the giraffe that I forgot to look at the camera until the trainer turned me around. Haha.

And look at my face expressions wei! Damn priceless because I got so disgusted when the giraffe roll out his tongue and it was black and the saliva was on my hand...

But I that experience!! :D Will do it again anytime!

Walked till both our legs also sore like crazy. So we decided to have Ben & Jerry's. It was my first time and it was sooooooooo goood!

So what did we do after visiting the zoo?
You didn't think we would actually miss the Night Safari, did you?

On the tram...going deep into the jungle to be united with the wildlife.

Didn't manage to snap any proper pics because they turned out blur since it was a bumpy ride.
And some people just don't understand when we were over and over again being warned not to flash the animals because the flash might startled them.
Mind you, the photo above was taken before the journey started. :)

Right after the tram ride, we went to watch a wildlife performance and we were super entertained by the hostess!

The super funny emcee. So cute and with her Indian's English accent, uber cute! hahah.


End of our Night Safari journey.

Waiting for the bus!

Very unglam sight of me having dinner.

Our night didn't end after Night Safari! Tomorrow is our last day in Singapore so we couldn't possibly miss the most important spot of all....the MERLION!

Some weird locals and ang moh statues in front of Fullerton Hotel and Babe wants to join in as well!

I'll just let you view the pics..if you wanna know more about Merlion and the history behind it, please google it yourself. :P

I was trying to save them!
Kids just don't listen, do they??

SUPER AWESOME VIEW! Simply breathtaking~

But it was kinda disappointing because we only managed to stay there for a very short while as we didn't wanna miss the last train back to Orchard.
We ran like crazy back to the MRT station only to find that it didn't come on time..haha.
But luckily we made it for the last train because if not, cabs will be our only option!

Love is beautiful.

Conclusion on Day 3: Should have make more time to visit the Merlion and Babe has good sense of direction!! :D


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