Monday, December 14, 2009

Land of The Lion 2

Day 2 in Singapore!

Plan for the day was to visit the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari but alas, the weather was worse than yesterday's. :(
So we had to change our initial plan and decided to visit the Science Center instead.

View from the 10th floor.

Last check before going out. hahaha. Vain-nessss.

Had a simple lunch at Jurong East MRT station where we realised a lot of people spoke in Hokkien/Hakka (not sure which one).
Sooooo many people there and we even spotted a few hunks wearing the army uniform.
Looking oh-so smart and built! Babe must be jealous. Haha.

Walked a short distance from the station to the Science Centre.
Oh but before that we visited the National Library because the smart me thought that the library building was the Science Centre. :D
So instead of making it a wrong turn, we went inside the library.
Kinda nice and cosy in there but there was an old building being bulldozed right in front of the library (about 3m away, YES 3metre!!!)
At first I thought the library was soundproof, because if not how can anybody actually read a book there!!
But I was wrong again, the building was probably semi-sound proof only because can hear the machine sounds. Kinda disturbing but it wasn't that bad.
A lot of people were there some more.

Anyway, we walked to the Science Centre and started snapping away! :D

Why do I feel the outlook of the building looks like some kind of transformer which is about to transform into some gigantic robot and scare children off...hmm

With the Science Centre chop on our hands!

Upon entering the Science Centre, I started to flash back on my memories in Primary 6 when my elementary school mates and I visited the Petronas Science Centre in KL after UPSR.
Sigh......those were the good ol' times. I miss my ex-schoolmates. :(

I think I look rather dreamy here. *McDreamy....ooooh*

Multiplications, anyone?

Anyway, we switched our mood to kiddy/childish mode and started going goo-goo gah gah over the optical illusions which we've all seen before probably through email..haha.
but it was only for $6/person, so I guess we can't expect much.
The Science Centre is divided into several sections, from sound department, mathematical, animals to whatnot.

The must-do-and-take-photo-with table in Science Centre.

We went to the main atrium and saw this super huge Tesla Coil which was about to be switched on at 3pm.
Lucky for us, it was already 2.40pm because if not, we wanted to head to elsewhere.

Playing with the different sounds produced from different materials. Materials engineering student take note! :P

If only the buzzing sound was louder. This is actually for you to feel like the barber is shaving your hair with the electric hair clipper or something.

After witnessing the extreme high voltage coil, we went around for a little while and wanted to leave the building after that.
Mana tauuuuuuuuuu....outside was raining like no one's business!!!
Washed away our mood to go to other places like Sentosa and all so I suggested to Babe to go to Vivocity instead.

Magnified me.

Interesting staircase with lots of IQ questions and optical illusions.

Shapes! There was a story being played repeatedly in the room where the animated characters are of different shapes and one of the voices belongs to Kristen Bell, xoxo. :D

My muscle man! =.=

But before that we hung out at other sections of the Science Centre only to know that we spent about 5 hours in there and still couldn't finish seeing the whole place.
I tell day is definitely not enough if you're the type who stops at every single thing you come across, just like us. Or maybe just me. Haahahah.
But hey, it was nice to actually play with Science ok!
Now I suddenly realise why I am taking Science related course. Haha.

The tunnel which has really nice LED lightings!

This was really hilarious. I think it was meant for kids but I went to play anyway. If I'm not mistaken, I was supposed to follow the instructions from the recorded voice which can sense the movements of the cubes I was holding. So after few instructions, I got confused and didn't exactly know what to I left immediately before any kid could notice that this big girl doesn't know how to follow simple instructions! :D And the voice keep repeating the same instruction like some kind of spoilt record. =.= eheheh.

We were already starving like crazy and to find a decently priced dinner there is definitely not easy!!
Walked around for some time and came across this restaurant which was having promotion for their main dish.
only $10 for fish n chips, I think.
So yay! Finally sat down for dinner while overlooking Sentosa Island.

Spent some time walking around the mall.

Christmas promotions!

Conclusion of Day 2: If only it wasn't raining...but Babe's presence made everything so sweet! :)


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