Thursday, December 10, 2009

Land of the Lion 1

So have you guys managed to guess where I went with Babe last week??
Well, if you have my fb account, you'd probably have guessed it already.
It's none other than the land of the lion, SINGAPOREEEEEE!
It was totally not an impromptu decision to go there because I've always wanted to go to Singapore since years ago when I started watching Singaporean dramas on tv. Haha.
I've heard a lot about Singapore, from how clean the country was and the 5C's to what not.
I'm not sure how true the 5C's are but I definitely can verify that the country is really squeaky clean!

At KLIA at 7am. =.='

Babe looking kinda fresh! :)

Ignore my cunning smile. Hahah.

Lucky shoes! Got to go to Singapore a day after I purchased them!

I look sick & Babe looks so much fairer!

On the aerotrain to catch our flight.

Waiting room.

We took Jetstar and flown at 8.50am and we finally touched down at about 9.30am.
My first time flying with Jetstar-satisfied. :) Thank you Baby!
I must add another thing about Jetstar is that they have good looking cabin crews! hahah...well in this case, I only scoped guys. :P The ladies were a little too OLD?
No offense, but that's my take.

Good looking cabin crew's face got blocked by Babe's head. :D

Looks like a mini version of Palm Island in Dubai, no?

My first time in Changi Airport!

Humongous Christmas ornaments!

Went to the washroom and was amazed by its facilities and cleanliness.
At first, I thought it was only the airport but I was wrong!
Practically the whole shopping malls along Orchard Road has such great facilities!
Equipped with toilet roll, hand dryer, soap at every sink, automatic hand wash (so that your hands won't get dirty), and most importantly, free entry to the toilet! :P
Okie...I guess I might sound a little to exaggerative on the washrooms but it's really clean ma..

Anyways, after searching for ways to get to York Hotel which is located at Orchard Road, we decided to take the bus instead of MRT since the lady at the info counter suggested that we can do some sight seeing and we have time to kill anyway.
Man...the bus journey was really long..about almost 1 hour? to reach the bus station in front of Lucky Plaza, Orhard Road.
But it was worth the $1.90 we paid though because at least we got to see more of Singapore areas which we wouldn't have seen if we used the MRT instead.
And guess what, they have policeman that comes up to check on the bus at certain stops! Feel so safe suddenly. Haha.
Another thing I noticed is that the bus drivers bring suitcase with them and they wear formal clothes unlike our locals. @.@
And you wouldn't want to know the first thing I did at Orchard Road when we reached.
I just have to write this down so that I can remember it for my life. HAHAHAH.
Don't even bother to ask Babe!!! :P

If you notice carefully, you'll see a suitcase beside one of the bus drivers.

Singapore supports Lin Dan??

Following are pics of York Hotel!

The owner of York Hotel. Can't remember his name. :P

Dining areas.

Waiting for our room to be ready only to be told we had to wait for another hour. HOW LAME.

Walked pass Paragon Mall to spend some time before checking in.

I was rather taken aback by the massive crowd in Orchard Road when we reached because as a girl who grew up in the little Penang Island, I rarely see myself in such busy atmosphere since in Penang, most people drive cars or ride bikes.
Not many people make use of the public transportation in Penang anyway, which is not doing any good to the environment. *shifty eyes back to self*
So after the whole gah-gah over the crowd and malls in Orchard Road, we walked up to our hotel which was some distance away from Paragon Mall and sadly, the room wasn't ready yet.
So we decided to take a stroll along the busy Orchard to see what it has to offer.
Snapped a few, okie a lot of photos and then I SINGAPORE!
Hahah..I don't know why I fell in love with Singapore just like that.
Probably because I love the crowds there.

Somehow I feel that Singaporean girls have really good sense of fashion.
Well of course, who am I to judge whether they have good fashion sense or not but I like the way they dressed up themselves.
Totally not lala-ish, mature yet decent and I think they have good genes too. Hahah.
So different from most Malaysian girls including me la.
What I can tell is that the younger girls such as those in primary and secondary schools have fairly dark skin whereas those older than that have fairer skin.
But eventhough they are dark skinned, they still look pretty!
Okie okie enough about Singaporean girls and fyi, I'M STRAIGHT okieee.
Notice I don't really talk about the guys there? I think they are okie only.
Nothing really outstanding in my opinion.
At least not those I've seen. :P

Oh and we had a quick lunch at the Asian Food Mall in Lucky Plaza!

Hotel room is finally ready at about 3pm!
Checked in and oooooh, me loves!
Okie la not very outstanding also but we weren't the ones paying so no complaints! :)
Complete with basic furnitures and equipments and they have a full length mirror at the washroom door which I totally love because I can have a good look at myself before I left the room. Heeeee.

The photos didn't do justice to the washroom. It's far spacious than that. :)

I look like I have 1cm make up here but don't be deceived! It's the reflection of the idiot box. Hee.

Initial plan was to visit the Botanical Garden but it was rainy season in Singapore.
Sigh...bad time to visit Singapore actually.
So plan got cancelled and we took the MRT and went to Bugis Street instead.
One of the shopping places I wanted to go.
Somewhat like Petaling Street but the crowd seems nicer over there.
Dang I should probably be Singapore's ambassador. HAHAHA.

Bought our train tickets! Geared up for some fun!


It's written Bugis Junction behind.

Dinner at one of the coffee shops near the residential areas.
Oh and I realised Singapore has apartments at all directions (N,S, E and W, you name it). Like really.
Sorry la...I might sound like I don't even know where Singapore is but I've never seen such a place where apartments/condos are practically visible EVERYWHERE. Just by glancing your eyes, apartments, apartments, apartments is what you'll see.

Korean food. We only know how to say "Kamsahamnida" to the lady boss. haha.

Babe keep craving for food. =.= Oh and this was taken at Albert Centre Market. Below few as well.

Bugis Street was really crowded as well that night.
I suppose everywhere in Singapore is crowded at this time of the year. Hmm.
Anyway, you can get lots of cheap and nice stuffs in Bugis Street provided that you don't convert the currency because then you'll think it's rather expensive.

Greeted by a beautiful white Christmas tree and fountains at Bugis Square!

The thing that pisses me off at that time was the visitors there especially those with DSLR.
There was once Babe went to ask a guy who was holding a DSLR thinking that he could take a better pic of us with the Christmas tree and after he snapped, he passed us back Babe's DSLR and walked away.
When we checked back, only the Christmas tree can be seen clearly.
We were too dark to be seen and he didn't even have the courtesy to change the settings for us or at least ask us if the photo is ok if not maybe he can take another one for us after Babe change the settings.

It didn't happen once, in fact a few times. I started to wonder if people with DSLRs really know how to use them or simply because it's some high end camera which you think you can take good photos with without investing proper time or actually explore it.
Babe took time to learn about photography with DSLR and I didn't say he has the best photography skill using DSLR.


Orchard Road at night was even more superb!
We were told that because of the festive season, colorful lights will be lit daily throughout the month of December from 7pm onwards alongside with cute reindeer statues!

Jam packed Orchard Road.

I just realised we took with the same reindeer. Bleh.

Fountain in front of Ngee Ann City. Too bad didn't snap any pic with the gigantic LV bag. :(

Long exposure.

My hair accessory!

Conclusion of Day 1: Singapore crowds + Babe = AWESOME. :)


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