Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sis! Phailed Surprise.

Oh yes, today's my sister's birthday!
But I'm not gonna reveal her age since I assume some of my readers don't really know me personally and a woman's age should always be kept hush-hush. :P

Mom told me we were supposed to go out for a dinner today since weeks ago but I don't see anything coming.
Nevertheless, Babe and I baked a chocolate moist cake for her yesterday!

I spent the whole day with Babe at his house and I realized we spent most of our time there doing nothing but cooking/baking and that sort of things.
I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but to me, no matter how bad a cook you are, as long as you cook it with your heart, it'll always taste nice if not satisfying.

I was never a good cook even till now. (more like a good assistant, haha)
Babe did most of the cooking, what's more, he doesn't follow any recipe book, most of the things he cooked was based on his experience when he was overseas.

Oopsie, sidetrack d. Heheh.

Back to my sis' birthday, I was supposed to surprise her with the homemade cake because I've never personally baked cake FOR anybody before (other than baking WITH Babe and friends last time).
So when Babe dropped me home at around 11.30pm yesterday, I sneakingly took the cake into the house and put it in the fridge.
Luckily both my sis and mom were in the room if not the surprise would be spoilt.

So when it was 3 minutes before midnight, I was ready to bring the cake into the room and surprise her together with my mom who was instructed to light the fire using a lighter (because I didn't prepare any candles, hehe) after switching off the room light and fan.
And suddenly (not to my own surprise), her phone rang and I knew I had to put the surprise on hold. Big SIGH...
That LADY talked for a good half an hour before I could carry on with my surprise. =.=

Hahah...anyway when she was talking on the phone, I asked my mom to check on her whether she has finished talking and then my mom said, "Still talking la.." which was obviously so audible and I had to tell her to lower down her (my mom) voice because I was pretty sure she (sis) could hear.

So when she finally hung up, we carried on with our plan where my mom was supposed to go in first and switched off the light and the fan.
The minute my mom walked in (I was outside holding the lighter and cake), I heard my sis started giggling and then my mom who eventually switched off the lights.
I knew my plan has failed. Hahah.
Sis said she heard my mom saying she is still on the phone earlier and she smelt (more like heard) something fishy already. :D

So I went and sucked it all in with my "surprise" and the damn lighter couldn't light up!
Why??? Because my mom FORGOT to switch off the freaking fan.
Geng right???!!! Hahaha..
Anyway, it was all good in the end and I hope she likes the cake we baked. :)

Before I end this birthday post, to my one and only sister in this world, I may not be able to tell you this in front of you but I'm glad to have you as my sis.
I know I might have hurt you so many times in my 22 years of life and I hope you'll be able to forgive me for all the wrongs I've done.
And you know I LOVE YOU !! :X


Mua mua muahhh!


ps: Photos of the birthday cake and its baking process will be updated soon when I have the pics in hand. :)

pps: Entry on the 3rd day of Singapore is almost done!


Boey said...

shea li, u got lau sai ?? lol

CL said...

No la..sleep with eyes open only. Hahahah

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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