Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fan-tas-tic Holidays!

*WARNING: Entry is loaded with tonnes of photos (vain ones, too).

Finally back from my one week vacation!
Maybe it sounds kinda wrong to be so excited since I'm back from holidays but I had the best time of my life for the past week!
Even till today I'd smile gleefully whenever I reminisce on the things that have happened since last week. :D
I have really a whole lots of pics (not forgetting editing them till my fingers sore) but I guess I have to start from Day 2 which was on the 30th of Nov because first day was unfortunately..erm...photo-less due to some reasons.

Well basically on the first day when I reached KTM, Babe and his family came to pick me up (thank you Uncle & Aunty!) for lunch with their relatives.
I was totally not prepared for it because I didn't know we were joining their relatives as well.
Off we headed to a Chinese restaurant in Bangsar Village where I was partially blind (because I wasn't wearing my contacts) to even notice the name of the restaurant.
Had a good time with funny adults and cute kids throughout the lunch. :)
Did nothing much after that but more on planning for our coming holeedays!!

Day 2 was much more excitinggggggggg! Hoping my memory doesn't fail me.
First we went to get Aeroline bus tickets to go back to Penang. Will talk about it in my last post!
*Pictures on the first few days were taken using BB (in this case, BB= iPhone 3Gs, not Blackberry)*

First time buying Aeroline tickets. I just have to do what bloggers do despite the weird stares. hahaha.


Anddddddd I finally got to go to a place which I should have been since 5 years ago with Babe. Heehee.
If you read my previous post, I said it has something to do with sea creatures.
Yesh! It's none other than the Aquaria KLCC!
For the first time Babe actually drove there because the parking rates in KL is so gaaaaaaaaaaay. Oxymoron but we were on a budget so we tried to make our money worth which was quite a success I'd say. Hehe. Thank uuuuuu Babeeeeeee!
Here's some pics for you guys to enjoy!

First time in KLCC parking lots. Must take pic also. :P

Gotta love the Christmas decorations (though it's not the best)!

Crazy lots people in KLCC food court.

Grabbed a light lunch (1901 Hotdog-all time favorite!) before heading to the aquaria.

Eating 1901 Hotdog while enjoying the fountains.


Jellyfish, stingray, terrapins, wheee!~

Huge ass frog.

I love that huge cylindrical aquarium behind us! It's so bigggggg. How I wished I have one at home. With automatic feeder. Hahah.

Decided to pose with the plush toys because we didn't buy any. Haha.
My mouth didn't touch Nemo's kay.

Poor snakey.

Came out from Aquaria at abour 5pm and walked around the KL Convention Center before we got shoo-ed off by its staff for being at the floor which was actually not opened to public. :P
But we managed to take a few pics nonetheless!

Back to KLCC food court. Ate dunno-what spaghetti from Pizza Milano for light dinner.

We even went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel which was just beside KLCC for a short pit stop. haha.
I don't normally take pics in toilet but their toilet is really too nice to not vain! :P

Summation of my 2nd day in KL:

Sheeesh. I'm really glad I live in Penang. We parked for only a freaking 2 hours and 45minutes ok! If in Queens, it'll only be RM1. Gay.

Day 3!
DECEMBER IS FINALLY HERE! The month I've always been waiting for throughout the year.
Do you hear the bells jingle yet? I do! :DD
Somehow Christmas just brings out the joy and happiness in me and those invaluable smiles on the kids' faces!
Eventhough I don't really celebrate Christmas formally but I must say Christmas has always been the best festive season to me (though I might not show it) and this year, my Christmas wish came true and my best X' mas present came to me almost a month early before Christmas! You should know what it is! :DD

Didn't wanna tire ourselves out by going to far places so we only went across the street to Sunway Pyramid to do some last minute shopping!

Christmas deco at Sunway Pyramid. One of the best I'd say! :D

Had McD for lunch! Finally satisfied our crave for McD burgers! Haha.

Bought myself a new pair of sneakers.
Now now stop telling me I haven't been washing my shoes since I bought them! *shows off new Nike*

Aren't these babies just look so....shiny and adorable?? :D

ps: If you notice, I didn't put my url in the photos (except for one) because there were just too many!! Imagine if I were to put it on each and every photo I posted...that's just sad.

Next up will be my post on my next holiday destination!


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