Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey you!

I guess I should apologize to my loyal readers (wanna brag also cannot because too few readers :P) and myself for updating my blog ever so slowly.
I really didn't mean to! Okie fine, maybe a little.
Well I suppose most of you should have known the reason to my lack of updates.
Up to last July, I always look forward to holiday season for one purpose: More updates on my blog!
Reason being I wanna earn more pocket money by maintaining my number of readers and I wanna improve my writing.
As wrong as it may sound, I know the first reason should be the second and vice versa.
But yes, I'm money minded. What to do. Hahaha.
Oh, come on, when you're not earning and you have such limited money, it's definitely not easy to not be money minded.

To be real honest, I have not even draft out the posts for my 3rd and 4th day in Singapore.
Aside from being lazy, I have been spending my time with Babe.
From seeing him before and after work (even if it means only for a few minutes) already means the world to me.
It's a total bliss.
It's hard not to appreciate the time you have with someone so dear to you when you know you don't have much time left with him. (I'm not saying I have a fatal disease and my days are numbered)
Nevertheless, I have quite some time in hand with my Babe before being cruelly separated again. :) :( Erm..I don't really know if I should smile or frown.

*Pardon me if my English sounds weird, I think I need to read more and no, reading blogs with bad English doesn't help at all although it improves your knowledge on other people's lives aka kaypo-ness skill*

*I'm lying in bed while typing and my brain can't really work like this*

*I know, I know, I'm giving lame excuses but it's true! :D*

Anyway, I'll be down to KL again this coming weekend, am still planning my Christmas weekend with Babe after don't know how many donkey years of not celebrating it with him. :D

I actually planned to make this entry a longer one but looks like the bed is too tempting.
I got to go for now!

Will update again this coming weekdays,

Till then,


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