Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

When you're reading this, I'm already on my way to KL!
Gonna have another sweet escapade to end the year!
Guess where I'm going this time?
Not far yet not very near either.
Erm...well yeah I'm on my way to KL but that's not my final destination!
Oh oh...sounds kinda scary to actually say those 2 words.

And yes! Babe's back for 3 months!!
Finally I feel that my real holiday is here.
I mean, what's holidays without your loved one right? :)

Hopefully this holiday will involve lots of photo taking and shopping!
Sorry la I've been putting this urge to shop behind me due to exams.
Must shop kaokao this time!

Will update asap! *fingers crossed*


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