Friday, November 20, 2009

Full : Dinner @ Max Gourmet

Finally my exam has ended!
Another semester down, 3 more before I can wear the mortar board on my head.
To sum this semester up, it was short but as usual, I'm not satisfied with the quality of the education here.
Just not satisfied la.

So in the middle of the exam weeks, I decided to go back to my favourite island to get some family love before I continue to revise my butt off.
It was really worth it because my mom and sis decided to eat out!
FYI, my family seldom eat out or do any family thing so it was quite an exciting moment for me to be able to spend time with my loved ones besides at home.

With my beloved Mummy!

And my sweet sis! :)

Sis suggested us to go to Max Gourmet which is located at the top floor of Old Wing, Gurney Plaza.
Honestly, I never knew it existed!
Maybe because it's been really long since I came here or maybe I just didn't notice it.
Max Gourmet is quite a new restaurant's situated right opposite GSC.

Since I'm not a food blogger (almost typed bood blooger, tongue twister eh?), so we didn't exactly order much variety.
Here's what we had for dinner:

Menu pic!

Some Ribena-taste drink with lemon slice.

I ordered "Hiong Ha Lou" Fried Rice.

Being a non-Cantonese speaker (but I can understand TVB Cantonese, HAHHA) and an English educated girl, I had no idea what "Hiong Ha Lou" means until when it came, I realised it meant 'Village Men'.
Probably means the traditional or old way of making the fried rice.

Part of the interior.

I wanted to take more pics of the restaurant but I hesitated because there were so many people on a Tuesday night!
I was wondering why did those people crowd at Gurney and of all places Max Gourmet at 9pm??
Yea, we were kinda late for dinner but yet there were so many customers. =.=

And this, my fellow readers, is the BEST CHAR HOR FUN I've EVER tasted in life so far!
It's not your ordinary hawker stall Char Hor Fun (obviously)!
Max Gourmet's Char Hor Fun comes with fish fillets! And I must say they're pretty generous with it.
It's a little diluted though, wished it was thicker.
But the gravy was kinda special in my opinion. Definitely recommended-2 thumbs up! (as written in the menu)

Gonna come back here for its hor fun! :)

Yau Char Kwai coated/wrapped with Chee Cheong Fun.
I tell ya, I never liked Yau Char Kwai before. Like NEVER.
But this, THIS Yau Char Kwai is a must try!!

But horrrr, the gravy is the same as the Char Hor Fun's. Probably that's why I like it. Haha.
1.5 thumbs up! Erm...

As for dessert, we tried the Honey Dew + Ice Cream + jellies +syrup + what not,

Can't remember what it's called. Quite nice. Not very outstanding though.

All in all, the prices there are pretty reasonable. Ranging from Rm 5.90 (main dish, such as the Char Hor Fun) to probably RM20 or so?
Of course, I'm not asking you to trust me completely because I can barely remember.
But if a student like me who's always on a tight budget says "I'll be back again", you can definitely trust me a little more. :)

Here's how it looks like. Taken when we left the restaurant about 10pm.
Look at the number of customers there. I think they close at 10pm. :O

Special thanks to sis for the treat! :D

Go try it!



adrienne said...

Hehe best char hor fun I've had is Jamie's mom's stall in Batu Lanchang.

BTW guess what? I'll be back in less than 2 months. Jan 10th.

CL said...

Confirmed d? Yayy! Will be looking forward to it! :D

Anonymous said...

That is not char hor fun =.= It is garupa hor fun.

CL said...

Haha! Oh ya hor y did I say char hor fun??! Thanks for correcting me! :)

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