Thursday, November 26, 2009

Coffeeshop with a Rude Waiter

Another food post!
Well this one's not gonna be as thorough as the rest because I wasn't totally prepared for it.
I went there with my mom last Tuesday for a quick dinner.
This coffee shop is called....erm...Sungai Pinang something.
It's located along the Jelutong expressway and if you're coming from the bridge, it's on the left side of the expressway.

It's still relatively new, quite a number of people there, the concept is sort of like Asia Cafe's in Subang only that it's much smaller and has less stalls.
The first time I went there was with Babe a few months back when it was still very new and there were really lots of people there.
However, when we managed to find seats, we waited for a very long time before the waiters noticed us.
We did waive and ask for the waiters to come but most of them were occupied.
When one finally came, Babe then ordered apple juice and guess what the waiter said?
"We only serve canned drinks at this time because there are too many customers."
Then we thought for a moment then Babe said nevermind then.
The waiter then said, "Oh it'd be best if you don't order any." (with an irritated/sarcastic look on his face) and walked off.
We were pissed and decided not to eat and drink there.

So to all those people who have yet to visit this place, a gentle reminder, ignore the waiters!
Nah, just kidding.
This time when I went with my mom, I ordered apple juice as well and it was available!
Much to my surprise.
Ok I know the last time was because they were very busy but still it's possible to make that apple juice than to lose customers over some drinks!

I didn't know what to order and walked around for a little while before deciding to eat the fried rice from the Fried Rice King stall.
The first Fried Rice King I knew was at Taman Pekaka but I'm not too sure if this is the same.
But lemme tell you one thing, the fried rice is overpriced!!
The fried rice below is priced at RM4.70.
Even the special fried rice at an ulu hotel in Parit Buntar costs only RM3.80. =.=

Nevertheless it's quite nice. :P

My meal of the day.

Snapped some random pics while waiting for my food to arrive:

Lonely stall.

Quite a crowd there for a Tuesday.

I took this last pic with flash right before leaving that place.
Little did I know, there are 3 guys staring at me. Ooh.
They must have thought I was scoping them or something. Haha.

Till next post,

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