Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adam Lambert Does It Again!

Credits to sassyqarla

The hot and saucy Adam Lambert can never fail to be outstanding.
First was his super high pitch voice with his Gothic look and then to his hot kissy action with a guy.
And on 22nd November during the 2009 American Music Awards, he's up performing again, this time not only the kissing part was involved, even some oral sex too!
Man, this guy's got guts!
iLike! Hahahah.

I haven't heard his latest single yet but I've no doubt it's gonna be one hell of a song.
What's weird is that I've never really liked guys with dark and thick eyeliners (such as Tokio Hotel) but somehow I just got hooked to him! :P
I guess we'll be seeing more of him in the coming years! Yay!


ps: Freshkon or Freshlook?


Quin said...

freshkon. for me, i've tried a number of brands. they all dun work for me except freshkon. dun know about u. heh~

and what oral sex??!

CL said...

Oh noooooooooo...I bought freshlook d. Haha..its ok. Thanks anyway. Oh u wana knwo the oral sex? Go hv a look at the youtube video in my facebook. He was singing halfway then there's a guy kneeling down doing it to him. Just the action la cos they're both clothed. hhaha.

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