Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weekend Too Soon

It's weekend already.
I realize I haven't been sharing much of my inner thoughts lately.
It's either I've been too busy entertaining my studies or I've been lying to myself, thinking that these thoughts will not get the better of me that easily.
Assignments and tests are still pending...but I just need some time to breathe the polluted air.

I'm still busy at the moment but will head back to my lovely Penang soon.
And talking about Penang, have you guys heard about the recent earthquake?
Apparently the 7.9 Richter scale earthquake killed at least 1000 people in Padang, Indonesia and was felt by a few states in Malaysia including Penang.
From multiple Facebook status, I'm quite sure the tremor can be felt in Penang.
Kinda scary when earthquakes hit Sumatra because history might repeat.
Really can't imagine if it happens.
Be safe and stay safe, everyone.

And as if one natural disaster is not enough, there are even typhoons in the Philippines and tsunami in Samoa.
It's really sad to see so many bad things happen at one go.
News said that there'll be another new typhoon hitting Philippines come this Saturday.

I just don't know how to continue this post anymore.
Another test this Wednesday. :(

This was what appeared on my screen when I was searching for some stuffs. Err. Not in the mood d. Bye.

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