Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sushi King!

Finally! My Sushi King RM2 Bonanza post.
It's gonna be a short one because I have a test tomorrow but somehow I feel obliged to have this entry posted.

Anyway, I reached home on a Thursday and sis suggested to have sushi for dinner at Prangin Mall.
Waited for mom to be back and the 3 of us rushed to Sushi King as we knew the queue was gonna be long, which was proven right anyway.

What can I say, Penang is a food haven filled with hungry + opportunistic people.
Like mua. Hahahah.
But this time, my sis decided to treat me.
So I'm gonna return her good deed by showing you a photo of the ugly me and my pretty sis.
Okie fine, the pretty sisters. HAHAHAHA.
Just kidding.
(okie this is a very impromptu post because I'm writing this to prevent myself from hitting the bed)

Our cheeks look rosy here.
Hers is natural though.
But mine is from Maybelline blusher la. Not from any photo editing software okie..
I'll look very pale without blusher (not enough tomatoes must be).

Dearest mom who tagged along despite being a fan of cooked food. Hahaha.

A blogger like me lovesss taking pics. Okie hints to anyone out there, I need a digital camera!
*Narcissism terlalu extreme*

Because there were too many foodies waiting in line, the manager asked us if we can share a table with 2 other young ladies.
They were my age and size but they can eat quite a lot!

Super random sushi pics!

Can't recall what this is.
Some fish roe on top. Haha.

Salmon! Yums*

Taken by my sis.

Poor my friend unagi (the eel) is crying because his heng-tais (brothers) are being highly demanded during the bonanza.
I wonder if they'll go extinct because of us!
Cruel humans *chokes self*

The plates! See there are only pink and purple plates?
Haha. These are not all of course.

I actually had Sushi 2 days ago at Autocity with my coursemates and the first sushi I ate was raw prawn.
I almost really choked myself and that alone spoiled my appetite.
However, in Autocity, the rice-based Tempura was priced at RM2 as well but in Prangin, they're the usual price.
I wonder why....


Yayy! Lil' (stikethrough) big tummy is now satisfied!


How lame.


ps: Wow this is fast! Oh, and because this is a very super impromptu post, you're supposed to read it in a fast paced manner.

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