Monday, October 5, 2009

Japan Internship Interview

Finally the much awaited internship interview is done!
Get to cancel one out of my to-do list!

I feel so relieved now that I don't have to think about whether I'll get to go to Japan for the internship or not.
Not because I didn't want it, it's because thinking about it too much takes up a lot of my memory space.
Of course, out of so many hopefuls there, my chances might be pretty low but as long as there are still hopes, I'm not giving up! :)

I did my best, there's no regret.
So y'all out there reading this, wish me luck that I'll get the internship in Japan!
Then I'll be speaking Japanese to y'all. haha. (erm..wanted to strike the last sentence but how?)

Arigato Gozaimasu!~
Wish me luck-o!

1 comment:

FABulous said...

gud luck luck..

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