Monday, October 19, 2009

I'll Miss You, SG.

As a girl who was born in the 80's, my childhood moments especially during primary and lower secondary were usually spent listening to songs and musics especially those from the Western side of the globe.
Of course, with studies aside and I'm not really the type who hangs out with friends after school.
My childhood friends are usually those stay nearby my house.
And that if you're an avid fan of Ntv7, you'll know they used to play all those music videos especially in the morning because my classes were in the afternoon session for a couple of years.

When I was in Standard 3/4, I was introduced to British's most famous female pop group, Spice Girls and fell in love with them eversince.
From Spice Girls, I moved on to 'N Sync, Mariah Carey, BSB, 911, MLTR and Boyzone.
Yes, to my own surprise, I listened to so many English songs when I barely even know what they were singing about.

Boyzone: Spot my favorite.

Spice Girls : You wouldn't want to know whom I likeD the most...liked okie..not like anymore.

Mandarin songs were a tad too weird for my liking but only at that time because after the existence of 'entau-bah' (good looking) singers eg: LeeHom, Jay Chou...etc...hahahhahahaha.
Save that for next time.

My very first album. I fell head over heels for JC back then. HAHAHA.
Amazingly not JT! But heck, JC was one of the lead singers anyways. :P

Anyway, back to my love for English songs, Boyzone was one of the bands I liked the most.
Because of their songs and also *drools* *wipes drool* Ronan Keating.
I love Ronan Keating.
His sexy voice and hair...oooh..felt like sunshine already.
I usually go for the good looking lead vocalist while my sister....well, okie fine she goes for the good looking vocalist as well.
So if you know Boyzone, you'll know Ronan Keating and Stephen Gately are the lead singers back then.
I was so kaypo I even knew Stephen was a gay...........ouch.
But who cares, he looked the best after Ronan. Hahahah.

It's not difficult to SEE which one I preferred the most. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I used to go crazy over them that whenever I saw them in Galaxie (one of my first entertainment magazines....HAHAHAH) or newspapers, I tell ya...I cut them immediately (after making sure everyone has read it of course) and made a scrapbook out of them.
Not only them, I even had several scrapbooks on all the celebrities I fell for.
Back then, I REALLY have too much time to waste.

It's really sad to see the members of these groups are either separated, passed away, became Mama-s (like Spice Girl's Mama) or even married with weird goatees growing from everywhere or went solo except for Mariah Carey who is still kicking asses!

But it was not till lately when I was lazing on my couch, watching the news on Ntv7 (still gila Ntv7), my eyes suddenly saw the small little news scrolling horizontally across the tv screen (I forgot what it's called) with Stephen Gately's name on it together with the word funeral.
I was utterly shocked, couldn't believe my eyes and stared at the tv for another few minutes hoping that the news will appear on the screen again.
But it didn't.

So the next day, I googled 'stephen gately funeral'....I saw what I thought I saw on tv last night.
My heart was filled with grief for a moment because he was only 33 years old.
I've liked him but not as much as I like Ronan. Erm...not sure why I typed that but nvm.
But to know another person whom I 'spent' my childhood time with passed away SUDDENLY, it didn't feel good.
Worse, I was so ignorant, I knew about his death a week after it occured.
Sigh. What is wrong with this world?
Why is everybody dead? I know everyone is dying once they are born but not deaddd.
Okie weird question above but you get what I mean.
Are there more people being brought to this world that lives of young humans needed to be taken away to keep the earth in balance?
I don't know what I'm crapping about but Death and I don't click.

Ahhh...enough for the day.


ps: After reading it back, I realised I should change the title but it wasn't my intention la wey..

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