Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Class

It's my buddy's Convocation Day today!
After years of working smart and hard, she can finally graduate and not just graduate with a typical degree, she's graduating with First Class Honors!
Now, tell me, how many of you out there can actually achieve that??
Man, I'm so proud of her!
All I hope for her now is that she'll continue to be successful in whatever she's doing, be it PhD/Masters or probably in the working world if she changes her mind?

I must add that it's not easy to find someone you can call your buddy.
Just like us, we got off to a rough start.
We first knew each other when we were in the Gymnastics Club together and to be frank, we weren't close at all at that time.
She's got her own group and I was well, basically a lone ranger in the club.
A year after that in 2002, we were placed in the same patrol (Triton) in CTC Camp but things didn't blossom there as well.
There was still some misunderstanding going on and we barely talked much.
Albeit this time, I wasn't alone because I found Babe! (no, I'm just kidding, I didn't even know he was gonna be my bf, anyway. Haha)

And then, in 2003, a month after the camp ended, God decided to place both of us in the same class (4 Delima) but we didn't click straight away.
She then offered me a seat beside her (ok, I think I just make myself sound like a nerd or something that everybody despises) and I thought, why not?
So, we started talking, about camp and guys (okie, maybe just education..HARHAR) and everything under the sun.
I got pretty comfortable with her and we started sitting together in tuition classes and couldn't stop talking after that, I told myself, in 2003, I finally found someone, a friend I can call my buddy.
A friend I can trust to be there for me when I needed her and a friend who will laugh and cry with me.
A true friend to me.
We've been through so many ups and downs together in the 2 years of sitting side by side, comparing marks in exams, loving Chemistry, shared opinions, etc.
Everything that happened in those 2 years, if I may add, are the moments I treasured the most in my high school life.

And then, she left SGGS and went to Disted while I stayed in SGGS to do Form 6.
I thought to myself, that might be the end of our beautiful friendship.
But hey, if you guys know the geographical location of Disted College, it's right opposite my school! Hahaha.
So, she visited me every now and then, bought McD for me during recess and we managed to catch up with each other every time when we are free.

But those time in Disted ended and soon enough, she left for a place further away, AIMST College, to do her degree.
Heartbroken, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
After Form 6, I left for my for my tertiary education as well and landed my a*s in Nibong Tebal.
Thank God it is only at most 45 minutes away from Penang, the beautiful island I call home.
Time to hang out got shortened, and now I'm in my 3rd year already.
Yes, time flies as fast as the speed of the flies in my campus (how irritating, so many flies in my campus!!)

And now, I have a year to go while my buddy is now wearing a mortar board on her head, receiving honors.
I'm really proud of her.
She told me about her life in AIMST and it wasn't easy and to get 1st Class, boy, I am really very proud of her!

So, here's to my buddy (in our favorite color):

"Congratulations on your achievement! You are one heck of a girl!
Be sure to show me your scroll soon! Heheheh. Hugss!"

ps: I'm sooooooooo sorry for not being able to attend your big day. But I promise to attend your BIGGER day, alright! ;) Will make it up to you soon enough!


XhInE said...

Wow!! you dedicated the entire post to me =) it's really great to have such a great buddy... I can't believe that you still remember every single bit of our story.. hahaha.. FYI~ me too... ahhhh~ those were the days (^.^) Call me when you are free, can't wait to update you!

love ya my great buddy ~NaCl~

Kokd said...

Hey Sheena,


mie said...

hey sheena...
wow...CONGRATS.... it's been like AGES didn't see u d... hw r u doing... I wish u all the best in ur future undertakings.... CONGRATS again...hehehe

CL said...

KOKD and Jamie: Thanks for the warm wishes! Although it feels a bit weird to wish her here but I don't think she will mind! So, I thank you all in her behalf! Haha.. :))

adrienne said...

Wow Sheena, I'm impressed :) Glad your hard work's paid off.

CL said...

Typo: *On her behalf* not In..haha

Anonymous said...

do you know the minimum qualification of aimst first class honour?...

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